I build my house: what insurance should I contracts?

I build my house: what insurance should I contracts?

Home construction insurance

Whether you entrust the construction of your home to a contractor or do it yourself, there are insurance policies to subscribe as you are the owner. More details on these guarantees in the rest of this article.

Property damage insurance

This is a contract governed by the law Spinetta that requires any owner to take out home insurance to cover any defects in construction. This concerns for example the collapse of the roof or the collapse of the floor. However, damage insurance does not cover damage caused intentionally, after a fire, following a natural disaster or those due to natural wear and tear. The damage insurance-work is obligatory for the owner. In addition to the owner of the building, it could also be the real estate developer, the agent, the syndicate of the condominium or a builder of detached house. It should be noted that the guarantees of the property and casualty insurance are ten years from the beginning of the works.

In addition to the coverage offered by the property and casualty insurance, you can also take out other guarantees such as the guarantee of inseparable equipment. This guarantee is valid between the perfect completion and two after the reception of the works. For example, it covers possible damage to a concrete screed. There is also the non-material damage cover which covers the owner or the occupants of a building in the event of claims that have caused an operating loss or loss of rent. If it is a house under renovation or extension, there is also the guarantee of damage to existing because of new work. You can also apply for an all-risk insurance policy that covers you for various claims in addition to those mentioned above.

To benefit from an optimal coverage, it is recommended to make a comparison of damage insurance. If you do not have time to search for home insurance, you can use an insurance broker. It acts as an intermediary between you and the insurers and can offer you contracts adapted to your profile.

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