Electric car: what autonomy when it's cold?

enter image description here The range of an electric car can be reduced by 20% when temperatures drop.

Here's why and tips to limit losses.

All vehicles, petrol or electric, lose performance when it is cold. But paradoxically, the electric car suffers more because of its "too good" efficiency: while a thermal car generates a lot of unnecessary heat, electric models convert all the energy produced for propulsion. But it is precisely its weak point in cold weather.

Most electric vehicles are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which operate optimally between 0 and 45 ° C. When it is too cold, the Li + electrons lose their mobility in the electrolyte. Result, a loss of power to the landfill and especially the load: the battery will take much longer to fill when connected.

Protect the battery by reducing the autonomy Current models are designed to account for this loss and warm the battery accordingly to maintain its performance. But for that, it must either draw heat produced by the engine or the inverters, or warm it by an electrical system. In both cases, it is less power available to drive. In addition, so as not to damage its battery during a "cold" charging, the car also automatically limits the energy recovery system by braking, which reduces the normal range. On a Tesla, this system is even deactivated below 0 ° C. Finally, the heating of the passenger compartment also pumps electricity into the battery. In total, we travel between 20% and 30% less kilometers for the same load in cold weather.

Even when stopped, the battery continues to empty when parking his car cold.

How to preserve the autonomy of his electric car?

To be certain of not breaking down, it is necessary to redouble precaution.

Make sure you always have a minimum charge of 20%, the reserve needed to warm the battery enough at startup. Be careful if your car is parked outside: the system keeps the battery warm even when stopped to allow it to restart. Allow about one kilometer of loss of autonomy per hour for one night at 0 ° C.

Recharge the battery preferably one hour before departure to take advantage of the heat of the charging system. When the car is still connected, take the opportunity to pre-condition the battery by heating it from the inside, an option offered by some manufacturers like Tesla. During the journey, prefer the heating of the seats to the heating of the cabin, which makes lose less energy.

In the long term, manufacturers are working on solid electrolyte batteries, with a much wider operating temperature range (from -20 ° C to +100 ° C).

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Seat presents electric quadricycle concept that borrows from the car and the bike.

electric car Seat presented at the Mobile World Congress an electric "quadricycle" concept that borrows from the car and the bike.

Equipped with an interchangeable battery system, the Seat Minimó is intended primarily for urban use in carsharing.

If you liked the Renault Twizy, you will probably be thrilled with the Seat Minimó. The Spanish car manufacturer took advantage of the Mobile World Congress to unveil this attractive concept because thought for the "micromobility". The Minimó is designed to offer the comfort and safety of a car with the flexibility and ease of parking a two-wheeled car.

Like the Twizy, it can accommodate two passengers installed in a row. But the comparison stops there because the electric microcar of Seat proposes a more elaborate design, with in particular two true elytron doors, and a height of cash supposed to provide a driving position close to that of an SUV. La Minimó has been designed for use in the city center as part of car-sharing services. With 2.5 m long and 1.24 m wide, it occupies a surface of 3.1 m² against 7.2 m² for a normal car. It should be able to park on two-wheeled pitches.

Seat Minimó recognizes the age of the driver The autonomy of the Minimó is 100 kilometers. Seat has opted for a removable battery system that will allow it to be replaced easily so that it does not have to wait for recharge. "The Seat Minimó has been specifically designed to adapt to the mobility platforms that will shape the future of urban driving, where traffic will be limited and where only a few operators will be able to offer mobility," says Seat. in his press release.

Based on age and driving license, the Minimó will recognize if the driver is 16 or 18 years old to limit his maximum speed to 45 or 90 km / h. The Minimó is equipped with a 5G connection and is configured for level 4 autonomous driving (the vehicle can handle the entire journey). On board, the driver will pair his smartphone via the Android Auto platform and will be able to use the Google Assistant to control the multimedia system by voice. Seat says that the Minimó is currently being tested in the streets of Barcelona to collect data and work to develop its security. No date has been advanced for its possible commercialization.

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Bicar: an electric micro vehicle designed for short urban displacements.

electric car Bicar: an electric micro vehicle designed for short urban displacements.

Designed by a team from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, the Bicar is an electric microsuit designed for short urban journeys. It will be tested by car sharing in several cities in Switzerland from the start of the school year.

Cross a BMW C1 scooter with a Piaggio MP3, all with an electric motor, a battery and solar panels and you get the Bicar. It is a single-seat electric microcar whose front axle is articulated by a parallelogram to tilt in turns. Designed by two engineers from the University of Applied Sciences Zurich, it will make its commercial debut in a few months in Switzerland.

The Bicar is equipped with a 2 kW electric motor built into the rear wheel that allows it to drive at 45 km / h. It is powered by a 48 V battery of 1 kWh whose autonomy is not specified but which should be less than 50 kilometers. Photovoltaic panels are integrated in the body, on the roof and the front cover. This microcar is intended for short trips in urban areas.

The Bicar will cost a little over 6,200 euros The driver connects his smartphone to the integrated support on the handlebar and uses it as a dashboard. According to the designers, the Bicar can carry two bags. Because of its semi-closed structure, the microcar can be used without a helmet, but with a seat belt. Its removable battery will be exchangeable on special stations that will be deployed throughout the city. The exact role of solar panels in the autonomy of the vehicle is unknown.

Several use cases are envisaged: company fleets to allow employees to move between different sites or to go on a tour of customers located in a nearby perimeter; car-sharing services in a city; direct sales to individuals. The Bicar will be sold 7,000 Swiss francs, a little more than 6,200 euros. A first series of 30 copies will be produced next September. A car-sharing test will be conducted in the cities of Baden, Basel and Winterthur in late 2019-2020 before the start of mass production.

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Citroën unveiled a new concept car inspired by aeronautics.

citroen electric car Citroën unveiled a new concept car inspired by aeronautics.

We do not really talk about a car but a transport capsule whose cabin is thought of as a real living room.

After presenting its reinterpretation of the 2 CV with the Ami One Concept, Citroën still surprises us with a new concept car, the 19_19, in reference to the centenary of the brand born in 1919. If the Friend One illustrates the vision of the urban mobility of the manufacturer, the Citroën 19_19 tells us about the autonomous car of the future on which we will make long journeys in a comfort and a well-being that we are promised exceptional.

The chevron brand explains its inspiration from the aerospace industry for the design of the bodywork and interior furniture for the interior, in order to offer "a vision of mobility which is deliberately unconventional, prospective and free from any constraint. "

The goal is unquestionably achieved with this concept car that is unlike any other and, let's say it, not enough to an automobile according to the current canons. But this is not a reproach. Citroën takes us to a future where the idea of ​​what a car represents, the social projection that it embodies, will no longer be the alpha and omega of its design.

The autonomous car, the one that we will no longer need to drive, or even to own, will be above all a space to live in which the time spent will have nothing in common with today. The car will become a place of relaxation, recreation, sharing where one feels like in his living room or in his bedroom, depending on the moment.

800 km of autonomy

The 19_19 is a high-tech car and it has to be seen at first glance. The double hood is also a fin that incorporates the light signature. At the rear, the bow that encloses the airflow is inspired by the rudder of an airplane. The two growths on the roof are Lidar (light detection and ranging) which are used for 3D mapping of the environment for autonomous navigation.

Citroën explains wanting to highlight the technological elements rather than trying to integrate them as discreetly as possible. Message well received. The cabin materializes, too, another bias: recreate the atmosphere of a lounge with disparate seats that offer different positions inspired by the sofa, armchair, ottoman or chaise longue. "All passengers now have a special place," says Citroën.

Under the dashboard, the glass part inspired by the bubble of a helicopter, offers a bird's-eye view of the passing road. But this totally unobstructed area can also turn into a projection screen to watch a movie. The absence of a central footwell and the antagonistic opening of the doors give the whole feeling of space and volume.

The interior of the Citroën 19_19 has been designed as a lounge, with totally different elements depending on the position you want to adopt during a trip. © Citroën The interior of the Citroën 19_19 has been designed as a lounge, with totally different elements depending on the position you want to adopt during a trip. © Citroën

Designed for long journeys, the 19_19 is equipped with controlled suspensions with progressive hydraulic stops developed by Citroën who suspend the cabin like a "flying carpet" to isolate the passengers from the vibrations and give them the impression to "fly over the road". The tires, developed by Goodyear, are oversized (30 inches) but thin enough (255/30 R30), to reduce noise and rolling resistance. An idea that Dyson is also exploring with his electric car project.

On the propulsion side, the Citroën 19_19 is equipped with an all-wheel drive driven by two electric motors developing a power of 340 kW and a torque of 800 Nm. The announced range is 800 kilometers (WLTP cycle) and the rapid charging system can restore 600 km of autonomy in 20 minutes. The Citroën 19_19 will be on display at Vivatech this week in Paris.

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How to download YouTube videos for free.

How to download YouTube videos for free

Download YouTube videos for offline viewing

How to download YouTube videos to a PC, Mac or phone

When you download YouTube videos, you can watch them without an internet connection, which is ideal for keeping yourself entertained on planes, trains, and trips to places without dependable mobile internet access.

Downloading YouTube videos is also noteworthy whether you have a mobile draw with a limited data allowance. You can download them to your phone using your domestic Wi-Fi, and watch them on the walk without risking going over your data allocation.

It's surprisingly easy to download videos from YouTube and other video hosting sites – and you can achieve it free. YouTube itself provides some tools for downloading videos (on both desktop and mobile), and there are third-party tools that can conclude the job as well. Read on to discover out how.

If you only wish to save music from videos, or strip out the audio to turn it into a podcast, check out our guide to the very best YouTube to MP3 converters.

Is downloading YouTube videos legal?

Using third-party apps to download YouTube videos is against Youtube’s terms of service – which state that you are only capable to stream videos directly from its servers. Downloading YouTube videos also opens you up to potential copyright infringement unless you have permission from the copyright holder, it’s in the public domain, or you personal the video yourself.

That said, YouTube does offer some ways to download videos through its web service and its private apps. In this guide we’ll explain the manner to carry out this, and win you through the other options available for iPhone, Android, Mac and PC.

Make better movies with our guide to the best paid and totally free video editors

How to download YouTube videos to a PC

Download and install 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a free YouTube video downloader that's very super simple to expend (Image credit: OpenMedia LLC)

  1. Get 4K Video Downloader

To download YouTube videos to a Windows PC, start by downloading and installing 4K Video Downloader. This versatile software is completely free, and can download whole playlists, as well as 360-degree and 3D videos. When it's done, check the box marked 'Launch' and click 'Finish'.

Paste video URL into 4K Video Downloader

Once you've copied the video's URL from your browser, click the green 'Paste' button in 4K Video Downloader (Image credit: OpenMedia LLC)

  1. Copy and paste the video URL

Open your web browser, discover the video you require to download from YouTube and copy its URL from the address bar. Then return to 4K Video Downloader and click the green 'Paste Link' button at the top left.

The software will retrieve fact provided on the matter of the video and give you a choice of quality options. These will vary depending on the quality of the original video, but the software can download YouTube videos in 4K whether it's available.

Choose the video quality and format

The download options will vary depending on the quality of the original video on YouTube (Image credit: OpenMedia LLC)

  1. Choose the quality and format

4K Video Downloader will allow you to download whole YouTube videos, or just rip the audio. Choose your preferred choice using the drop-down menu on the left, then choose a format using the menu on the right. We prefer MP4 for our videos, because it gives a qualified balance of quality and file size – and will play on basically every device.

Then, choose your quality. For playing back video on your TV or PC, we recommend picking the greatest resolution, but bear in intellect that this will grasp longer and will take up more space. Luckily, you can check the estimated file size on the left to see the manner much space it will take.

You can also choose where the downloaded video should be saved using the 'Browse' button at the bottom. Once you're happy, click 'Download'.

Download a whole YouTube channel

When you download an individual video, 4K Video Downloader will give you the option of downloading the entire channel (Image credit: OpenMedia LLC)

  1. Download the YouTube video

The YouTube video will now be downloaded for you. If there are other videos in the creator's channel, 4K Video Downloader will demand whether you require to download those as well. It can download up to 24 videos at once.

Once the video has finished downloading, you can discover it in the destination folder, or right-click it in 4K Video Downloader and select 'Play'. Unless you adjust the settings, the video will stay in this list until you choose to remove it – even if you close and restart the software.

Set Smart Mode to download YouTube videos with one click

With Smart Mode, you can download YouTube Videos with a single click. It saves your settings so you do not have to re-enter them each time (Image credit: OpenMedia LLC)

  1. Try Smart Mode

If you often download videos in the identical format, check out Smart Mode. This saves your download preferences and loads them automatically. Click the lightbulb icon at the top good and next time you paste a URL into 4K Video Downloader, it will be downloaded instantly with the final settings you used.

Read on to discover out the manner to download YouTube videos to an iPhone, Mac or Android device.

Download videos with YouTube Premium

If you have a YouTube Premium subscription, you'll delight in various perks, including the ability to download videos to watch offline without third-party software. You can achieve this using the YouTube, YouTube Music and YouTube gaming apps. Bear in mind that you can only watch the downloaded videos using the app – you can’t mosey the video file to a different device, or watch it with a different player.

Start watching a video, then tap the ‘Download’ button (a gray arrow) under the player and choose a quality setting. Once the video has downloaded from YouTube successfully, you can discover it in your Library or Account tab.

You must be signed into your account to watch downloaded videos, and you can't respond to videos with comments or likes when watching them offline.

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How to convert YouTube videos to MP4 files.

How to convert YouTube videos to MP4 files

Grab videos and convert them to a more convenient format

YouTube to MP4 converter

There are lots of qualified reasons to convert YouTube videos to MP4 format. Firstly, MP4 is one of the most commonly supported video formats, suitable for playback offline on pretty much any device, from smartphones to games consoles. MP4 also offers a marvelous balance of file size and quality, and supports subtitles.

There are dozens of programs around (both absolutely free and paid-for) that can convert YouTube videos to MP4, but plenty of are packed with ads, apply watermarks to converted clips, or contain additional software that you might not want, and can prove difficult to uninstall.

Here, we'll show you the manner to convert videos for free using 4K Video Downloader, which contains no adware or other junk that will spoil your experience. The basic tool is free, but there's also a paid-for version available whether you need to convert an entire playlist to MP4 format with a single click.

Before you come by started, bear in intellect that using third-party apps to download YouTube videos is opposing Youtube’s terms of service – which state that you are only capable to stream videos directly from its servers. It also opens you up to potential copyright infringement unless you have permission from the copyright holder, it’s in the public domain, or you personal the video yourself.

If you only require the audio from a video, grasp a survey at our great guide to the very best YouTube to MP3 software. Alternatively, whether you do not want to download any additional software, pick a look at the best online YouTube downloaders.

1. Convert a single video

Download and install 4K Video Downloader, then discover the YouTube video in your browser and copy the URL from the address bar. Open 4K Video Downloader and click the green ‘Paste link’ button.

4K Video Downloader can convert videos to a handful of variety formats, but MP4 is the default so you can leave the top menus as they are and just select a quality setting. The options available will depend on the quality of the original video, and you have the option of downloading subtitles as well.

Once the video is downloaded, you can play it immediately in your default media player, or right-click the thumbnail and select ‘Show in folder’ to see the MP4 file.

2. Convert videos automatically

To design converting YouTube videos to MP4 even faster, 4K Video Downloader offers a Smart Mode that lets you attain the whole thing with just one click. Select ‘Tools’ and choose your preferred download options (format, quality, subtitles and destination). Now, when you click ‘Paste link’, the video will be downloaded and converted automatically.

3. Convert saved videos

If you have a video (or several) that you've already downloaded from YouTube in a format other than MP4, you can easily convert it using free transcoding software HandBrake.

Download and install the software, then choose to either open a single video, or a whole folder using the options on the left. You can also drop files and folders into the main panel to open them.

You can then choose your conversion options, including the format (MP4, in this case), dimensions, video and audio codecs (the default settings will be fine for most purposes), and subtitles. Once you've finished, you can either save your settings as a original preset, add the video to a queue to convert later, or start encoding it immediately.

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How to record a phone call on your iPhone or Android device without an external device.

How to record a phone call on your iPhone or Android device without an external device

Sometimes you require to record a phone call to listen back to it, whether it's for work, commerce or sentimental reasons – however neither Android nor iPhone handsets have a built-in way to achieve this.

So, whether you're determined to save your phone conversation as an audio file, there are a few variety options available to you to achieve so.

The very best totally free screen recorder available now

These are the best free Skype alternatives

Check out the best smartphones of 2019 The laws on recording calls varies country-to-country, so design certain you're not breaking the law before trying any of these call recorder methods by doing a small bit of research – it doesn't harm to check with the other party before you start recording, though.

How to record a phone call on Android or iPhone using another device

The easiest way to record a phone call would be to exercise another phone or tablet – whether you have one, that is.

iOS products have an app called voice memo, and Android has voice recorder, so whether you win the phone call in loudspeaker mode, and set up the moment device to record, you can pick up both sides of the conversation.

The main problem with this is that you can accidentally record other sounds, like person walking past or ambient noises, and depending on the microphone on your moment device, the audio quality might design it a miniature difficult and tough to pick up the sound of the call.

How to record a phone call on Android or iPhone using Google Voice

Most people's go-to app for call recording is Google Voice, which is a Google app (as the name suggests) that facilitates Wi-Fi calling. You can set the app up so that it records incoming calls, although this won't duty for outgoing ones.

When in the app, discover the settings menu, then select 'calls' then toggle 'incoming call settings'. When this is activated, when you press the number 4 on the number pad while on a call, the app will commence recording the call. Both parties will hear a voice notifying you this is happening, so both parties know the conversation is being recorded.

Google Voice isn't currently available in all countries, so this technique of recording a call won't duty depending on where you live – it's best you check the app works well ahead of the call you intend to record.

How to record a phone call on Android or iPhone using a call recorder app

If you can't expend Google Voice, or do not wish to, there are a few other call recorder apps that you can utilize – but they have drawbacks. Some of the apps cost, others require you to pay depending on how much of a call you record and the free ones have doubtful security.

Here are some that you should check out whether you're looking for an app to record your calls:

Call Recorder – an Android app that can record calls and back you manage the recordings, either by backing them up to the cloud or by categorizing them. It also has caller ID aspects to subor you identified unknown numbers. Call Recorder Lite – an iOS app that lets you record both incoming and outgoing calls. You'll require to pay to listen back to longer calls, but you can record for as long as you like.

There are plenty of similar apps on the Play Store and App Store, but whether you wish a free one it's best to check the store ratings and reviews just to build certain it works well.

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How to back up WhatsApp messages and media.

enter image description here

How to back up WhatsApp messages and media

Save your files and chats to the cloud

It's useful to be capable to back up your WhatsApp chats, whether you need to transfer your data to another device or just protect your messages and files in case you lose your phone.

While WhatsApp can automatically back up your chats to the cloud, you require to set this up, and it doesn't distress to manually upload your data too whether you require to switch phones immediately.

With that in mind, this is the manner to utilize the WhatsApp app to back up your chats, as well as the manner to set it to automatically back up.

To back up your WhatsApp chats, start on the 'Chats' menu of WhatsApp, which is the page that lists all your conversations.

On this menu, press the 'Options' icon on the top right, which is three vertical dots, and you should see a list of options debuting from 'New group' and going down to 'Settings'. Select this final option.

From the 'Settings' menu, click the moment option, which is 'Chats', then the second-to-last option in the 'Chats' menu, which is 'Chat backup'.

This menu shows when you last backed up WhatsApp to local storage and your Google Drive, as well as the size of all your messages and media. From here you can also set up the Google Drive account that WhatsApp backs up to, and set whether this happens over just Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and cellular connections.

To back up WhatsApp, simply press the large green 'Back Up' button, and your phone will immediately back up all your WhatsApp data to local storage as well as Google Drive.

How to set up automatic WhatsApp back up To gain your phone to automatically back up WhatsApp chats, find the 'Chat backup' menu that you used to manually back up your messages in the section above.

The moment piece of this menu, titled 'Google Drive settings', has an option that says 'Back up to Google Drive'. Select this, and it gives you a range of frequencies at which WhatsApp will automatically back up, from never to daily.

Choose the frequency you need – whether you use WhatsApp a lot then every day might be the very best for you, but whether you're an infrequent chatter monthly or even 'Only when I tap "Back up"' might be the option for you. Just tap on the frequency to choose it.

There are some other options in this menu that change the manner backing up works, such as whether videos are backed up too, and whether the back up happens over cellular or just Wi-Fi.

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New robotized technology to deliver parcels to your door

Ford has unveiled a concept of home package delivery combining a stand-alone car and a collapsible humanoid robot that will drop the package on the doorstep. The manufacturer has imagined a very clever information sharing between the two machines.

While online commerce is becoming more popular around the world, logistics for order delivery has become more complex.

Customers want to be delivered as quickly as possible and on their doorsteps in most cases. Amazon has built a share of its success on this type of express delivery.

In the United States, the e-tailer has even planned to generalize to all its premium customers the delivery in one business day. To keep this kind of commitment, one of the ways is robotics. And in this area, Ford offers a new concept.

The automaker worked with Agility Robotics to create a fully automated delivery system that can handle the transportation of merchandise and its delivery to the customer's front door.

For this, Ford relies on an autonomous car and a humanoid robot named Digit. The Digit robot can lift packages weighing up to 18 kg, walk on rough terrain, up and down stairs, and keep its balance if it is jostled.

The robot unfolds way droids from Star Wars The other originality of the robot is that it can fold on itself to take the least possible space in the delivery vehicle. Arrived at destination, a robotic arm extracts it from the trunk while unfolding its legs. A cinematic reminiscent of scenes from Star Wars where we see battle droids deployed by hundreds of military vessels.

To create such a lightweight, agile and autonomous robot, Ford and Agility Robotics had an original and relevant idea. Digit is equipped with the bare minimum to navigate, namely a Lidar and stereoscopic cameras. To trace his route, he relies on the data that the autonomous car has collected to map its environment.

This exchange of information is done in real time by wireless link. And if the robot encounters an unexpected obstacle on its way, it sends the image to the vehicle's on-board system that will determine a new route. As a result, the robot remains relatively simple and light in its design, which makes it robust and ensures a better battery life. A very interesting track that could well inspire other actors ... Amazon maybe?