Who cares anymore

Who cares anymore

At 62 years old, I have lived many social changes.

In the 70s, to be cool, you had to be an intellectual. It was of importance. To be proud of ourselves, we had to proves around our values. We had to cultivate our gardens, our brains and personalities. We did not have internet, but we had bicycles, we did not have facebook but we had the park at the end of the street.

Years passed and new generations came by... and mediocrity came along.

I feel like an old wreck with my knowledge I cannot share. I have read a whole encyclopedia when I was young because I wanted to know everything.

All sciences and arts interested me.

Today, I feel like we will never see such a zenith and apotheosis happen.

People doesn't care anymore.

Selfishness is the rule. Am I pretty? Am I this? Am I that ? Am I real?

There is things I would never do because I care about others. There is words I would never say.

Maybe I should just keep quiet and never again bother with others.

Just wanted to whine a little. :-)