Build a Successful Online Business Using Proven Blueprints

Build a Successful Online Business Using Proven Blueprints

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How get paid 40k dollars a year testing android apps.

How get paid 40k dollars a year testing android apps.

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9 golden rules to prepare for your retirement.

9 golden rules to prepare for your retirement

Family with children Do not wait to think about your retirement. The ideal is to think about it at 40 years old. Twenty years are needed to build a worthy capital with a reasonable savings effort.

To complete your pension, consider saving young. Then adjust your strategy according to your personal situation.

1) Take control of your future

It's never too late to worry about retirement. The ideal is to think about it at 40 years old. Twenty years are needed to build a worthy capital with a reasonable savings effort. Learn about what you will really get. This is the first step.

There are huge disparities between professions. With a replacement rate (ratio between the estimated retirement and the amount of the last income) close to 75%, civil servants who retire in 2016 or 2017 do not have to worry too much.

On the other hand, surgeons, architects and lawyers (around 30%) have an interest in putting money aside for their old age. If possible, avoid leaving with a haircut. Extending one's career to benefit from the full rate is more optimal.

Income Tips: For your retirement, the first step is to save. The younger you start, the less effort you have to make. Then think about adjusting your wealth strategy according to the situation and your personal situation.

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2) Own your home In times of uncertainty, owning one's home is reassuring: 58% of households own their main home, compared to 33% in 1953. Even though prices have risen since 2000, buying a home is a good reflex. To repay a loan helps to build wealth, because the monthly payments include a share of interest, but also capital.

When you retire, you save the amount of rent, which increases your purchasing power. The housing budget is "limited" to maintenance costs and local taxes. Be careful not to get into debt too much. Monthly payments must not exceed one third of your income.

• Revenue Tips: Buying a home is a strong commitment. For a young couple, it is often the first important heritage decision. Experts encourage their clients to invest in rental or leisure real estate before acquiring their principal residence. This is not the speech of Revenue. After considering the heritage of many readers, we affirm that, with some exceptions, the most successful ones are those who invest young in stone. To go off the beaten track is good. But you have to know how to stay classic.

3) Think about diversifying your heritage

The best way to prepare for retirement is to build a diversified wealth. Too many savers practice a naive diversification. Spread your life insurance in four or five funds invested in French securities is not enough. Because their performances are likely to be very linked and your contract finally not very diversified.

• Income Tips: At age 45, whatever your risk aversion, hold, depending on your means, rental real estate, stocks, bonds and money market products. As you approach retirement, you can only be a winner because these investment families do not perform well or badly at the same time.

4) Invest in life insurance

An investment that responds to a long-term logic. Premiums paid are capitalized over the years based on realized profits. Your savings remain available. Even if it is preferable, in tax terms, not to withdraw from your contract before eight years.

An investment that escapes tax increases. Life insurance is, with the PEE and the PEA, the big winner of the last tax turmoil. Even if it suffered, like all financial products, the increase in social security contributions to 15.5%. Feed your contracts according to your means and your personal goals.

Trophées d'Or du Revenu contracts are well suited to preparing for retirement. Flexible, with funds profitable in the long term, they will give you satisfaction if you adopt a strategy corresponding to your situation and your real needs.

• TipsIncome: No other investment offers so many assets or freedom. You choose your level of risk and the terms of exit (withdrawal or annuity). On the fiscal side, the benefits continue, for the most part: earnings remain exempt from tax (conditional) and the capital of inheritance tax, up to 152,500 euros per beneficiary.

5) Do not forget rental real estate

The share of households owning a dwelling that is not their main residence (second home or rental investment) is 18.5%: 80% of them own their homes.

The purchase of a home for rent is financed for all or part on credit. By investing at age 45, you will have paid back the bank fifteen years later and the rents will then complete your retirement.

Prefer old to new, 20 to 25% cheaper, for rents roughly identical. The rental profitability (annual rent / purchase price) is therefore better. Especially, if you buy a property to renovate. Because you save on the initial investment and the cost of the work is deductible, in terms of tax, rents cashed. Better, if your expenses exceed your property income, the difference is deductible from your global income up to 10,700 euros per year. Optimize your financing. Credits in fine should be avoided, except for taxpayers taxed at higher levels.

• Revenue Tips: Buying apartments on credit or, better, houses if you can afford them, renting them out is a great asset strategy. Completing your retirement with one or two rents is interesting. The more you invest in your real estate operations, the more money you will earn. Notice to the DIYers!

6) Explore the trail of retirement products

Perp. The tax deduction at the entrance to the popular retirement savings plan (Perp) to taxpayers, taxed at 30, 41 or 45% that can, by this means, "tax free" part of their taxable income.

Perco. For employees. It saves money in an attractive tax environment because earnings are exempt from income tax, but no social security contributions. A good supplement to life insurance and the PEA if the proposed funds are efficient and if the company abounds your payments.

Madelin. Supplementary retirement scheme reserved for the self-employed, the liberal professions and tradesmen. Asset advantage: you benefit at the entrance of a tax benefit proportional to the amount of your payments. Failure to invest: you can not get your money back before retirement, except in limited circumstances; the exit is in the form of annuity. In conclusion, study this placement closely, according to your personal situation and the characteristics of the proposed product.

• Revenue Tips: You need to know what you are getting into. The Perp and Madelin contracts are "tunnel" investments. They are characterized by the unavailability of savings until retirement. There are cases of exceptional withdrawals (different depending on the products). Another limit: your capital can be paid back only in the form of an annuity (except exception).

7) Secure your assets after 65 years

It is important to reduce risks, both in terms of capital and income. It is also necessary to ensure the liquidity of the assets, their availability and to adapt the flows to fixed expenses.

Keep your principal residence, possibly your second home, that is to say the living environment, and sell the assets to which you are little attached. This results in fewer management concerns and lower expenses. You can invest in real estate via SCPI, to ensure regular income by pooling risks.

Get regular income through life insurance by implementing scheduled partial surrenders, subject to an attractive tax regime. "There is no age limit for life insurance," says Charles Meunier, wealth manager near Lyon, author of a study on the main principles of wealth management of the elderly. The important thing is not to subscribe for purely fiscal reasons. The insurance must be random.

• Revenue Tips: Notaries note that many people in their 60s tend to lose their strength too quickly. Find the right balance between the need to keep assets to live well and the legitimate desire to help your children and reduce future inheritance taxes by making donations during your lifetime.

8) Convert a capital into an annuity

Specificity of life annuities. You have a guaranteed income for life without having to worry about managing your savings. The fear of missing disappears. Because rent can not fall except in purchasing power because of inflation.

The life annuity is most often made out of necessity after using the other solutions intended to procure rEvenus. There are various methods of implementing the life annuity: part of the price can be paid in cash, the rest in the form of annuity; it is also possible to convert the entire price into an annuity.

The conversion of a capital into a life annuity. The capital is alienated from an insurer who, in return, pays you a life annuity. To compensate for the impossibility of recovering your money, companies have designed specific contracts that need to be scrutinized. Contracts provide, in the event of death in the first years, to pay a capital sum to the designated beneficiaries.

• Revenue Tips: Retaining your capital gives you more independence and allows you to accumulate withdrawals and interest. But after 75 years, people with modest heritage, without children, can study the opportunity of giving up part of their savings in favor of a very reassuring life annuity. Pay attention to the charges taken by the insurer. Also examine the revaluation of the rent. It depends on technical parameters. It may be attractive to have a lower annuity initially, but which will revaluate better later.

9) Protect yourself against addiction

France is aging. The loss of autonomy concerns 2.7% of the population aged 60 to 79 years. Between the ages of 80 and 84, this rate rises to 14.3%. According to INSEE projections, the number of dependent persons is estimated in 2030 between 1.4 (low hypothesis) and 1.7 million (high hypothesis). The progression should accelerate with the arrival at the age of the "baby-boomers".

The cost of the loss of autonomy. The assistance of a third person or the transfer to a suitable structure can cost more than 4,000 euros per month, much more than the average amount of pensions in France (1,300 euros gross).

Tap into his savings. This is the simplest step. But "many addicts are reluctant to do so having the impression of squandering the fruit of their work," says Charles Meunier, manager heritage near Lyon.

• Revenue Tips: If your wealth does not allow you to finance such an expense, consider insuring yourself against this risk. Privilege contracts that cover total and partial dependence in order to benefit from an annuity at the first signs of loss of autonomy. For a monthly pension of 1,000 euros, count 55 to 85 euros premium per month if you start contributing to 60 years.

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Putting your money on the stock market is like buying and selling financial products on the stock markets. It is important for an individual to determine their investor profile and financial goals before investing. He must determine the degree of risk he is willing to take with his financial investment and its duration.


Investing in the stock market means buying or selling securities on the financial markets. This investment makes it possible to:

• receive income: an individual may receive dividends that represent a portion of the company's profits if he buys shares. It may also receive bond coupons that represent an interest payment, bonds being loans made by investors to issuers.

• profit from capital gains: an investor profits if he sells more expensive a security than he bought it because of the evolution of the price of the security on the market.

Basic rules

1 - Invest savings that we do not need.

Given the risk involved, the individual must invest in the stock market only the portion of his savings that can happen and that, in case of loss, will not lower his standard of living. It is important that investors do not use the savings they may need for their daily life projects.

2 - Know Before Investing

It is important to learn about financial products before investing. It is a question of knowing on the one hand on the type of product (actions, obligations, derivatives), its mechanisms and the risks which it involves, and on the other hand on the issuer, whose financial health and the outlook will affect the price and risk of the securities he has issued.

Individuals may use a licensed professional who will provide advice that is appropriate to their situation and goals.

Investors who decide to choose the securities they invest on without assistance may also find general information about financial products from financial intermediaries and directly from the issuer of the securities. Issuers are required to report their financial information to the public on a regular basis: quarterly, half-yearly, annual, announcement in the event of a merger, etc. Information will be more complete, frequent and accessible on stocks that are listed on a regulated market. Conversely, non-regulated markets such as multilateral trading systems are less protective of investors.

It is also advisable to regularly monitor economic and stock market information via the financial press or the stock market websites.

3 - Define an investment strategy

It is advisable to define an investment strategy before investing. The simplest is to set a goal of gain and a floor of maximum loss, and this according to your investor profile.

It is also necessary to define an investment period that corresponds to an investment horizon.

4 - Diversify your portfolio

Portfolio diversification distributes the capital invested in a balanced way. Thus, the decline of a single value will have less impact on your entire portfolio.

It is important to determine the distribution of different investments between stocks, bonds, derivatives, etc. Investors can also allocate their portfolio to stocks from different economic sectors.

This diversification of the portfolio will be based on the risk profile of the investor.

5 - Monitor your portfolio regularly

Markets may experience large stock market fluctuations, which is why it is important to regularly monitor your portfolio, especially if the investor is positioned on leveraged products that require special vigilance.

6 - Know how to take profits and cut off losing positions

The investor must define what are his objectives of gains and losses before investing in the stock market. So you have to be rigorous if the earnings targets are met and think about taking profits.

Similarly, if the threshold of losses acceptable to the investor set in advance is reached, you must know how to take these losses. It should be kept in mind that some investments may result in a total loss of invested capital hence the importance of meeting the threshold.

Even if it remains difficult, cutting its losing positions remains an effective way to avoid even greater losses and maintain control over its investments.

Risks and precautions

Risks are associated with all forms of investments. It is advisable to be well informed and to know how the fina products work.

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Here's why you do not make any money online.

Here's why you do not make money online.

Reasons can be numerous and probably are.

You have been working hard online and you still do not know why you do not make money?

Let spread reality in front of your eyes.

You sign up for many programs thinking that you should not put all your eggs in the same basket.

You probably use a cell phone thinking that clicking a few links on an application will make you millions in no time.

You are convinced that you will make money fast and easy online.


Do a reality check on yourself. Are you naive?

Keep reading attentively because I decided this morning to come out of the shadow and tell you the truth.

I am a retired software engineer, 62 years old and made fortune online from 1988.

Internet was then just a cloudy project. People had to compose a phone number on their 8 bits modem to reach a server that would connect them to the internet which was very limited to certain cities. BUT I was there! I was already selling web exposure to Hotels, restaurants etc.

In 1992 I reached my first million dollar of internet income. I always kept doing that for myself, then for my children and now, I am educating my grand children and YOU are next.

Life was not always that easy for me. I started my life digging in the thrash cans of my city to find food. I fought cold nights sleeping under bridges along with other stinking homeless. So, if I could have come from that far, you can certainly do better. I am not any special person.

I understand that life has changed and everyone is trying to get his piece of the pie, but I will get you on track today with this simple posting.

To become very wealthy online, you should not signup for tons of programs and dilute your attention by giving bits of your energy to one then the other and jumping from opportunity to opportunity without patience and consistency.

Everyone does exactly that, and it does not work.

If you want to get rich online, you have to be the head of something, the number 1, the owner or the CEO. All the money or at least part of any transaction has to come directly to you.

Imagine someone coming to you saying: "I am going to build a unique money making website for you for free and you will own it entirely." What would you do? Keep pushing buttons on your keyboard and clicking links on your smart phone for 10 cents a day? Or concentrate of that new business you own?

I think you would concentrate on that particular project. You would tell your family your friends and would promote only that single new project you believe in. Putting all the energy you have on one single project pays a lot more then spreading yourself into bits and pieces.

I am a philanthropist, I like people and I like to help. Me, my children and grand children are now financially secured and the relay is in your hands now.

I have put up a website that does exactly what I just told you. If you want it, it is yours. You are going to be the owner and at the very top of the business. All you have to do to become millionaire in one year is to concentrate on that very project.

Put your mind in CEO mode right now. Real business men who wants to open a grocery store will put a lot of time, energy and money into their project before they sells a first item. Sometimes years. That is why they will succeed, they do not want to loose their investment and they do believe in their project.

Today, I am going to give you an amazing opportunity to become wealthy, but you have to believe you can, believe in yourself and then put some energy to start it all up.

Your personal experience in cyber marketing will help, but I will show you how to use other people energy to raise your business. You will be like a god telling people where to put the money.

I will give you a complete money making website with a nice money making plan plus a full social network hosted for free with a domain name that makes sense.

Imagine, there is 7 billions people waiting for you to show them your business. They will get in if you concentrate and let go the other 10 cents a day apps.

Who made Google or Facebook so rich? You, me, everyone who uses them. When you want to make money, you have to understand that this money is in other people's pocket. You have to offer something they want and need and they will buy. Your product have to interest absolutely everyone, every countries and any age. If they can have the largest part of it for free, that's is good for you. The first step is to get people surrounding you. How do you think Facebook developed ? Mister owner told some friends who told some others... That's all! And now he gets billions per year. That money does not fall from the sky, it comes from people's pocket.

On your website, you will have many possibilities to offer your own products that you will not even have to build.

You will never find an opportunity like this again. It has been designed for people like you, but you have to take it seriously. CONCENTRATE on this one.

Unless you want to stay a loser all your life.

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Which crypto currency to buy in 2019 and beyond

What are the crypto-currencies to follow closely?

Prospects for the future are therefore rather positive for the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin is the mainstay of the crypto-monetary movement. Leader of its market in value and notoriety, it is the locomotive of the sector. It continues to consolidate its value despite significant turmoil and is expected to continue to steady its uptrend.

To buy Bitcoin, our complete guide.

Ether has incredible abilities due to its own blockchain technology and will continue to grow. In the consequent increase in ICOs that we have seen, he has contributed to many of them by offering businesses the opportunity to use the Ethereum blockchain rather than having to create a new one.

To buy Ethereum, our complete guide.

The Ripple is the quiet force. A favorite of the traditional banking world, the banks gladly choose it for their interbank payments. Its current value is low, but according to the rules of finance, the lower the asset, the more accessible it is to investors of all kinds, and therefore the easier it will be to increase its value.

To buy Ripple, our complete guide.

What advice to secure your investments over the long term? If you want to buy cryptocurrency in the long term, the rule to follow is to choose the right trading platform to start so you can invest with confidence.

If the future of cryptocurrencies is not all traced, they nevertheless left to anchor in our society. As always, we will only advise you to be cautious. Choosing the right broker and not betting more than you would be willing to lose is also key. But beautiful hours and surprises are looming on the horizon, and confidence is good for the future of these new currency.

The future of crypto-currencies

Even though we are already in the middle of the year, 2020 seems to be on our doorstep. One wonders what future bridges crypto-currencies, these extremely volatile financial assets. What are the forecasts for 2020? What future can we foresee for this new financial system that covers all the chronicles? We will try in this article to enlighten you on the subject and bring you all the answers.

Cryptocurrency forecasts

This beginning of the year gave a good example of the unpredictability related to cryptocurrencies. If 2017 had been particularly exceptional, with record increases for the cryptocurrency market, has proved so far more unstable. This is due to external events, such as several hacks, which temporarily tense the market. The media phenomenon has indeed frozen the market and cooled investors, fortunately, for a short time. But these hacks are not the only factors in the decline experienced by virtual currencies. Indeed, another more natural phenomenon this time operated. There was indeed a so-called correction market reaction. When an excessive and rapid increase appears, a correction applies naturally. This decline still consolidates the crypto-currencies to significantly higher values. Currently, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) oscillates soar, the Ethereum price rises after a short decline and prices of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) stabilizes.

Which to Buy Cryptocurrency

In this context, it seems complex to be able to determine a future all traced for virtual currencies. Nevertheless, despite their volatility, many industry experts are certain that the value of cryto-currencies will continue to increase and that these will settle in our daily lives in a sustainable manner. If you wish you can consult our guide on how to buy crypto-currencies

Cryptocurrencies: a local and global economic challenge Since 2017, governments around the world have been wondering about cryptocurrencies. During the last G20, it was also a question of deciding on a regulation for a framing of cryptocurrencies. As the subject is complex to say the least, no decision has yet been taken. Nevertheless, some countries have not been asked to do their part. This is particularly the case of France, Canada or Belgium, which tax capital gains realized through their respective income taxes. Others, like Switzerland, have ruled on a tax on profits made without really fixing any specific tax rate. But that's not all. Other countries have clearly mentioned the possibility of creating their own cryptocurrency. Iran has indeed announced in 2018 its desire to create its own national cryptocurrency. China did the same last March with the announcement of the creation of the DCEP which would benefit from its own blockchain. Note that Japan had already given a Bitcoin legal tender in the country in 2017.

A professionalization of the cryptocurrency sector If 2017 and 2018 was a good year for the crypto-currencies, it was also the year of the ICOs. In fact, more than 200 fundraisers were identified last year. And this is not without consequences. These financial operations naturally attract more and more seasoned investors with much larger resources. Result? In the first half of 2018, the volume of ICOs has already supplanted 2017. This bodes crypto-currencies for a rather long-term future, since the imbalance between supply and demand continues to increase, very strongly ensuring a continuation of their values.

Prediction of cryptocurrencies

At the moment, we were just talking about a professionalization of the sector and that is where the future developments of cryptocurrencies are going to be. When we know that less than 1 in 100 people have already invested in cryptocurrencies on a global scale and that, according to studies of those who have already invested, they do not necessarily represent the wealthiest, future prospects are therefore well and truly elsewhere.

Many experts believe that an increase will still occur this year. And it will certainly come from large companies as well as investment funds still shy so far and who will invest significantly in virtual markets. At the individual level, by analyzing the statistics, by 2020, no less than 3 out of 100 people should have joined the cryptocurrencies.

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If you open a store at the corner of the street and never tell anyone, you will get people entering your store, then they will tell others etc.

Wepals is a social media, so you can also use it to promote anything you want, any other affiliate product or service, spread ideas etc.

Wepals.nt makes money by selling advertising.

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How to find a good offshore bank account

How to find a good offshore bank account

Many publications on the web or in the press extol the advantages of opening a bank account abroad, that is to say in an offshore bank. Given the specifics of the operation, several questions may come to mind.   Why is the subject becoming more and more popular? Is opening an offshore bank account legal? What is the connection between offshore and offshore? How to find tax havens for offshore assembly?

Before going any further, ie opening an account abroad, these questions deserve the appropriate answers.

Offshore is a word of British origin. It means "off the coast". In this sense, an offshore bank account refers to an account in a bank located outside the country of residence of the holder.

This is often a non-resident account domiciled in a tax haven.

Compared to a typical bank account in your country of residence, this type of bank account has many tax and legal benefits.

Current account: bank account intended for the realization of regular operations.

Resident account: in a context where the account belonging to an offshore company is domiciled in the country of establishment of the company. The holder must be a non-resident.

Account created for the purpose of performing live stock trading.

Deposit account open to allow savings to grow.

Offshore bank account: for whom?

The existence of an offshore bank is completely legal. This is a bank doing the same activities as you know. Which means that there is nothing wrong with wanting to open an offshore account.

This is not a means to launder mafia money. Nevertheless, malicious people sometimes use this type of account illegally.

You do not have to be wealthy to open an offshore bank account. Indeed, this alternative is accessible to the general public.

The conditions to create an offshore account are: to possess a piece of identity, to provide some proof of residence and to make a first payment of about 1000 euros. The process of opening an account abroad is not complicated.

A large number of companies and individuals already have offshore accounts. Preparing for a departure abroad and retirement can motivate you to open an offshore bank account.

There are regulations to respect to have an offshore bank account. Indeed, it is essential to remain in the legality.

Thus, for any person residing in France, the statement of account to the French tax authorities (1) is mandatory. Failure to comply with this rule results in the application of a fine of more than 750 euros.

For an undisclosed account that is domiciled in an offshore bank located in a jurisdiction that does not have the same regulations as those applied by the French tax authorities, the fine may be up to 10,000 euros.

Open an offshore bank account: what benefits do you expect?

Investor or entrepreneur, you can open an offshore account and enjoy its many benefits.

If you want to create an offshore company, an adapted account will help you to better manage your activities abroad.

Some people choose to open an offshore account to benefit from a tax significantly more advantageous than in his country and not be subject to too much tax.

In some tax havens, you will not even be able to pay any taxes.

For different reasons, without being a bad person, you are a banking ban in your country? An offshore bank account is an interesting solution to work around this problem. It allows you to exercise your activities without constraints. You continue to be able to freely manage your money.

In addition, investors are interested in obtaining better investment rates compared to the profits that could be generated by investments made in France. The protection of wealth and succession is one of the advantages of an offshore account.

Individuals residing in a country where legal and political instability reign are geared towards opening an offshore bank account. Indeed, the security of their assets is not assured in their place of residence. With an account abroad, they can be more confident knowing that their money is safe. They will also be able to avoid the crisis and its economic consequences.

In your country, you no longer enjoy banking secrecy? You should know that in an offshore bank, discretion is 100% guaranteed, provided you have chosen a jurisdiction that ensures the preservation of banking secrecy.

The choice of jurisdiction is of great importance because the aim is to find a territory where the regulation applied in the sector concerned is more flexible. It should be noted that even in EU countries, opening an account in the name of an offshore company is the best way to guarantee anonymity.

An offshore bank account is also popular for the simplicity of the associated procedures, its often reduced fees, access to an offshore bank card and accessibility to loans with competitive rates. Indeed, like the opening of an account, all the banking operations are carried out without complications.

The low tariff is explained by the absence or weak control of the government, but also by the lower general costs than in some countries.

Open an offshore bank account: how to proceed

In the European Union, the legal opening of an offshore account is authorized to any citizen, on behalf of an association, an offshore company or on behalf of a natural person, since the year 1990.

In France, you must declare the existence of your account to the IFCS.

By choosing an offshore bank online, you have the option to open an account remotely. It is sufficient to provide the requested documents (ID + proof of residence) and make a first payment. The minimum amount of the latter varies from one bank to another. In general, the amount is set around 1000 euros.

Politicians, great entrepreneurs or celebrities can opt for opening an offshore bank account at a high-end establishment. These sometimes require a few hundred euros as down payment.

Some banks require a meeting with the account holder. In this case, you must be willing to travel to open your account abroad.

With regard to legal persons (association or offshore company), the offshore bank online can request a business plan.

Depending on the profile of the account holder and the banking institution he / she has chosen, opening an offshore bank account may take up to 2 days to a week.

To open your account abroad, you can go through an offshore provider. The latter is a professional who knows the principles of offshore accounts. He is able to represent you and guarantee your abilities, so that you no longer have the obligation to move. By seeking the services of an offshore provider, you will benefit from reduced rates.

Once your account is open, you can have your offshore bank card.

Open an offshore account: in which bank do it? If creating an offshore bank account offers multiple benefits, identifying the best tax havens is essential.

For greater profits and serenity, countries that lack political stability should be avoided. Finding out about each potentially interesting jurisdiction becomes relevant.


Among the best options in terms of tax havens, note:

The Bahamas: in the Caribbean, this country is one of the richest. Its economic and political stability, with its attractive taxation, is one of its considerable assets. It puts at your disposal more than 250 banking institutions. Bank secrecy is also well guarded. However, expect larger agency fees. An estimated capital of $ 50,000 is required for companies wishing to open a bank account in the Bahamas.

Belize: In terms of accessibility, Belize offers more flexibility compared to the Bahamas. Taxation is one of the things that makes this country attractive. The first payment required by Belize banks ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000. Despite higher bank management fees, you still have to take advantage of the offshore assembly facility in Belize.

The Cayman Islands: the largest offshore banking center internationally, they have a number of banks over 280. You have no fear of political stability, because the Cayman Islands depends on the United Kingdom . There is no tax to pay apart from the customs and stamp duty.

Luxembourg: an option to consider, given its good reputation. Discretion and security will be guaranteed. Banks in this country provide you with the financial expertise and advice of qualified professionals.

Panama: is characterized by very liberal legislation. The discretion is total, there is no exchange control. More than 100 banks await you with quality services.

Other: Other equally interesting alternatives exist: Guernsey, Hong Kong, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Seychelles, Singapore, etc.

How to make money on social networks

How to make money on social networks

Of the 7.357 billion people in the world, there are more than 3.715 billion Internet users and of these 3.715 billion Internet users, 2.206 billion use social networks every month.

With regard to the hexagon the number of Internet users in 2016 amounted to more than 55.4 million and more than 31 million active users on Facebook.

Some tips for successful monetization.

Write content

For starters, take the example of the world's most famous social network "Facebook", but these tips can be used on other social networks.

Create a page to talk about a topic that you are passionate about and that can interest a lot of people (to attract the most "Fans" and "Likes").

Make a presentation and attractive visuals (a page with eye-catching visuals and good presentation earns 30% more fans than others).

Some simple rules to attract readers:

Provide good regular content.

The goal of sharing articles or videos via social networks is to make readers want to buy your products, services or follow you.

For this, we must offer them rich content, varied and free, quality, post links, images and interesting updates regularly.

Be very active.

Occupy the market. To make money on Facebook, what is important are the numbers, more than anything else.

Since marketing on Facebook costs nothing but time!

Have the most fans

Add as many people as you can and ask your loved ones to do the same.

People, in general, start giving credit to a page from 10,000 fans, so the more you get, the more you will succeed in monetizing your page.

Share the link of your page on Facebook groups or forums and like pages dealing with similar topics, participate in the discussions on topics related to your theme.

How to turn your page into real money?

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  • Make money with affiliate advertising

An affiliate program pays you a certain percentage for each sale made after a click on your link.

Several sites offer affiliations programs (amazon, itunes, dropbox, etc.), they give you a unique code and marketing material, then pay you a commission based on the income you generate.

On average, the remuneration varies between 20 and 40% on the generated income, so do not hesitate to register on several programs at the same time.

- Have referrals

If your page is very popular and your posts federate many thousands of fans, you can offer companies to sponsor some of your posts that are in their interest.

You will be able to negotiate between 50 € and 200 € per post, according to the number, the engagement of fans and the popularity of your page.

- Sell services or products on Facebook

You can, thanks to Facebook, offer products for sale, a very good solution to earn money. You will be able to sell digital products, clothes, "trainings" or coaching.

The most important thing is to offer products that are found nowhere else or very little, not too expensive products.

Some Facebookers win from their shop on social networks, between 400 € and 800 €.

- Propose ebooks on your page

Some people are good at writing stories, tips, or suggesting ideas on a variety of topics. If you are interested in a subject, you can create ebooks, they are books on the internet.

For example, create an ebook on the best method to relax or how to change your look, that you propose to 5 €. This can be a significant source of income if you have many thousands of fans.

Social networks have become a real source of business that can make you earn money, you just have to understand the workings and apply good practices.

Convinced? So, get started! Good luck !