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Build a Successful Online Business Using Proven Blueprints

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The safe way to lose weight and hold it in three months.

The safe way to lose weight and hold it in three months.

Our mantra for life: all diets whose priority is to lose weight quickly are failures. On the other hand, if they lead to a gradual rebalancing of our diet, with a benevolent look at ourselves, our desires, our limits, it is a success. So no need to remove for life the little pleasures like profiteroles, we are pleased from time to time with a suitable diet!

Lose weight in 3 months: the menu of your day Good breakfast to lose weight in 3 months For three months, and more if affinities, you have to be inventive for a slimming breakfast. Examples: a squeezed lemon juice + a cup of Sobacha (buckwheat roasted with hazelnut flavor, organic store) + a mix of two fruit juices (blueberries / apple or kiwi / grapefruit ...) + a buckwheat pancake .

Or, instead of the galette, a bowl of oatmeal flakes with almonds, hazelnuts, honey and fresh fruit. Or, a chocolate smoothie powder / banana / milk almond + green tea at will.

lose weight, weight loss

The recipe for the buckwheat pancake, because it's cheaper to make them yourself and keep them. Mix 40 g of buckwheat flour + 40 g of rice flour + 250 ml of vegetable milk + a pinch of salt. It's ready, more than cooking in the pan.

We prefer the small snack of 11 hours: a fresh fruit + a handful of almonds.

What to eat at lunch to lose weight in 3 months? The base is solid to hold all afternoon. A raw or cooked entry + a plate where to gather an animal protein (fish or white meat) + cereals + vegetables of season. Dessert: a small cooked fruit tart.

Lose weight with a balanced snack

The sweet note of the day, dried fruit, fresh fruit, a handful of almonds. Or a real snack with a sandwich of toasted bread + four squares of dark chocolate + a hot drink. Nice too, the buckwheat pancake with a spoonful of jam.

At dinner

The principle, a meal not too rich. Vegetables + sprouted seeds + a choice of fish, poultry or a white omelette with herbs + a vegetable caviar (see recipe above). And, for the moment of comfort, applesauce or baked apple with cinnamon and dark chocolate.

There are twelve hours between dinner and breakfast the next day, this is the ideal time for the body to "cleanse". If we dine at 19 hours, we will be in the right timing for the breakfast of 7 hours. Otherwise, we adapt according to his lifestyle: 20 hours / 8 hours ...

And in case of late dinner? When you wake up, wait until 10am to treat yourself to one or two fresh seasonal fruits + a handful of almonds.

Slimming tips to lose weight in three months

Better chew

In ten minutes, it is impossible for our body to assimilate. We must take the time to chew, chew, grind our food! Ideally between twenty and fifty times. The effects are automatic: when you eat more slowly, you eat less. And in addition, we avoid the small belly swelling.

Quality rather than quantity

A packet of chips is light in the mouth, it's bad for the line and more, it does not feed. Better two squares of good chocolate with taste, or a handful of nuts that are chewed slowly. This is the assurance of not being hungry an hour later.

Stop drowning your meals in the water

It is believed that it is the good reflex, on the contrary, it blocks the digestion. On the menu: non-mineral still waters between meals (Cristaline); minerals during the meal (Evian, Volvic ...). As for the sparkling waters, they are reserved for the end of the meal.

Slimming breathing at 10 am and 4 pm

No, it's not gadget, it's even the only way to fight stress, because that says stress says nibbling. How to use: we start with a very deep inspiration, then we push a big sigh. Then, inhale three seconds through the nose - counting 1,000/2,000/3,000 - then expire very slowly through the nose - counting 1,000 / 2,000 / 3,000 / 4,000 / 5,000 / 6,000.

To do five minutes, concentrating on the air coming in and out, sitting back straight on the edge of his chair. Then, we offer an herbal tea. Proven effectiveness on "false hungers"! "Programming to heal" by Dr. Yann Rougier, ed. Albin Michel.

Eight to ten deviations a month

Yes, we are entitled, provided we do not offer them in a row! And Coca Light is one of them, yes! And then there are small forgiven gaps, like these new gluten-free sweets from Gerblé.

In case of balance bug, we write for three days all we eat Precisely. Very quickly, we become aware of what is wrong and rectify. You can help yourself with this app, very useful for noting meals and scanning food barcodes,

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30 minutes a day to lose weight quickly and well

30 minutes a day to lose weight quickly and well

30 minutes to lose weight? It's possible. The proof in 7 tips.

I make money on my high heels.

By requisitioning the salon for a "legwork" class, the latest New York fitness craze conceived by two stiletto pros who coach the Broadway dancers and help them support their stilettos.

The principle ? We start the DVD and, for half an hour, high on his heels, we try to follow these exercises borrowed from dance, yoga and Pilates.

I practice the "hara achi bu"

Which means, in Japanese, never eat enough. In other words, we stop eating just before being completely satiated and with a delicious feeling of lightness.

I'm walking in flip flops

They snapped up at the people. The reason ? Developed by serious Dr. David Cook, expert in biomechanics, these rubber sandals sculpt the calves, tone the legs and buttocks.

The find is their sole which, by slightly destabilizing the foot, continuously solicits the muscles of the leg, as if we were barefoot in the sand.

lose weight quick, weight loss

I climb on a platform

Not just any: we need the Powerplate Pro Air, whose vibratory plate is mounted on tires for maximum flexibility.

No more jerks that hurt the joints or fragile backs, we can now modulate the impact of vibration based on its shape or weight.

Also safe, the oscillating platforms (forward / backward, left / right, up / down), used by the physiotherapists, which solicit the muscles in an alternative way.

I take the time to chew

30 minutes is the minimum union slimming meal, to better digest and therefore less store.

This is the only way for the satiety mechanisms to start.

I offer myself an acupuncture session

Some micro-punctures on points that increase satiety (temples, hands, feet ...) and at the end of the session, we already have less hunger.

To continue five weeks to achieve a sustainable result.

I'm doing double hit with my coach

We knew the sports coach, now here is the one who mixes dietary and physical education. A real tailor-made, which combines the effects of the abs with the benefits of a back of cod.

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Lose weight quickly, the top slimming tips!

Lose weight quickly, the top slimming tips!

How to carve, lose weight fast and above all, to keep a dream body? Malicious recipes, slimming tips, massages ... Put the odds on your side with the tips of the pros of thinness!

  • Exercise to lose weight
  • Walking to slim down A successful thinning is necessarily accompanied by a sporting activity. The simplest ? Walking.

How many ? 20 minutes the first seven days of the diet, 30 minutes from the eighth day, 1 hour per day in case of stagnation of weight. Finally, again a 30 minute walk to consolidate the weight loss. Count ten days of stabilization per kilogram lost.

Dare the fitness by internet to lose weight With these exos filmed online, I tonic and I remodel without moving from home.

lose weight, weight loss

Weigh heavier

Muscle weighs 5 times more than fat and burns 30 calories per kilogram per day. In conclusion, if I weigh 60 kilos and I have 40 kilos of lean mass (almost all scales indicate today), I will consume 1,200 calories, even without doing anything: this is called the energy expenditure of rest.

It's worth it to have muscles!

Playing with the elastic band to lose weight quickly No, not like in the playground: like Jessica Biel, I sculpt a bikini silhouette with an Elastiband, a muscle strengthening elastic.

I slip one under each foot, then more than lift arms and legs for resistance to operate. To find with the exos DVD at Go Sport.

  • Food reflexes to slim down fast
  • Sip buckwheat to lose weight quickly

Roasted buckwheat seeds are the detox of the moment in Hollywood: Demi Moore is adept. The recipe of Valérie Orsoni, creator of the slimming coaching website grill a handful of buckwheat seeds in the pan and let them steep for 5 minutes in very hot water. Easy !

Adopt the anti-craving breakfast 10 almonds + 20 raisins soaked in a little water + 2 tablespoons of cereals (buckwheat petals, millet, etc., but no wheat) + 1/2 lemon squeezed + 1/2 banana cut into thin slices + 1 portion of fruit that holds in your hand + 1 plain yoghurt with soya or sheep's milk + 1 tablespoon of olive oil + 1 teaspoon of honey.

= a real balanced breakfast. Mix with a fork, and yum.

Choosing slow sugars to lose weight quickly Fast sugars (sweets, pastries) increase blood sugar levels and cravings by 11 hours and 17 hours.

To me slow sugars, rice, pasta and cereals, all complete. Do not over-cook them: their glycemic index is lower and they are richer in vitamins, especially those in group B, which help to stay zen all day long.

Slimming tip: Assuming the gaps

Too much chocolate? Do not panic, first there is more serious, and especially there are solutions.

It takes two days to excess sugar to turn into fat. So the same day, 3 tablespoons of oat bran that reduces the speed of assimilation of fast sugars + 30 minutes of walking minimum, including the next day and the day after tomorrow (we can even continue after!).

Reset counters

One day a week, I have a protein day. On the menu: defatted ham, egg, skinless poultry, Grisons meat or light cheese, green salad that I do not flood with vinaigrette and 1.5 liters of fresh water.

A reflex that allows me to erase the missteps of the week.

I'm tracking fake friends Some foods seem light, but hide their game.

Bottled fruit juice, sugar-screened and less vitamin-rich than freshly squeezed fruit. In the morning cereals: even say lightened, they are often too sweet.

To dairy products at 0%, which have almost the same caloric level as a natural yogurt, while being less good. With fruity yogurts and bread, which release into the body of "flashes of sugars" very quickly assimilated. Seared frozen vegetables, pre-cooked in oil and so soaked with grease.

Ready meals, often too salty or too fat. Balsamic vinegar, in fact very sweet.

Balancing to lose weight To lose weight easily, the pH of the body must be close to 7.4, or be slightly alkaline.

Preserving the acid-base balance is simple: force on alkalizing foods (vegetables, fruits, white meat and fish), curb the consumption of products leaving acid residues (sodas, coffee, sugar, excess red meat, cooked cheeses) and relax.

A dietary supplement whose basic minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium) neutralize acidity and help burn calories: XtraSlim 700, Forté Pharma.

Slimming tip: Taste SOS

Try this appetite suppressant smoothie:it skimmed + white cheese + cinnamon + 1/2 tsp. to c. fake sugar.

Mix a long time, it's foam and it's good!

Slimming tips in everyday life

-Treat yourself to a slimming massage -It hurts (not too much) where there are fat deposits.

The pressures are intense and profound.

After, I feel light and drink to eliminate toxins.

Stay cool to lose weight fast

To curb the cravings linked to stress, I calm myself to the Bach Flowers, which act impeccable on the emotions.

The good one compiles = 2 drops of Gentian (for the tone) + 2 drops of Impatiens (against the irritability) + 2 drops of Crab Apple (against the complexes)

under the tongue, four times a day, or in a 50 ml water bottle, to sip all day.

Keep your good mood

Saffron is the new anti-depressant spice. By acting on serotonin, the molecule of well-being, it would reduce by half the nibbling and the craving for sugar due to declines in morale.

I get it fissa in the form of capsules all saffron, Satiety, The 3 Oaks or Crocus, Arkopharma.

Thanks to Doctors Arnauld Maloubier and Pierre Dukan; Dr. Yann Rougier, Research and Development Director Forté Pharma; to Martine de Richeville, specialist in body remodeling; to the physical trainer Stéphane Demouy.

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The risks of a fast diet to lose weight fast!

The risks of a fast diet to lose weight fast!

"Quickly done, well done" is not the adage that must be applied if you undertake to make a slimming diet. Fast diets are very popular because they promise to lose weight quickly. But you have to know that losing weight quickly entails health risks.

The diets you like the most are often the ones that make you lose weight fast. But "quickly done, well done" does not apply to thinness and more particularly to the diet.

Starting a diet is difficult both psychologically and physically. We can understand that the sooner we start seeing the first effects, the more we are motivated to continue a diet that seems to work well.

However, we can not stress enough the importance of losing weight very gradually and without deficiencies.

loose weight, weight loss, loose fat

Miracle diets do not exist

Spring is the peak period for laboratories and brands of slimming products. Summer is getting ready and soon the hour of the little summer dresses and the swimsuit will ring.

But this period is also the one that causes the most problems. Before the summer, we hear about "diet that works" and this miraculous prescription turns out to be a risk factor.

Do not be naive. Diets that work are well controlled diets. You know deep down that when you are promised to lose weight in 8 days or lose 10 pounds in a month, almost without effort, there is inevitably something wrong in the recipe.

There is no miracle solution and fast. No diets, no slimming creams, no capsules, no slimming drinks of any kind. If the slimming methods vary, they all have in common the duration in time. Lose weight is obviously possible but it takes time.

A diet must be done gradually and in an organized way so as not to superficially lose weight and to avoid the yo-yo effect that is feared only too much.

The risks of a diet too fast:

Quick recovery of lost pounds

The pounds that are picked up become more and more difficult to lose. This is called the yoyo effect which results in a succession of weight loss and weight recoveries. Physically, the body is completely disturbed. The yo-yo effect makes it necessary to make an even more important diet each time.

Fast and successive diets cause excess weight and promote the installation of obesity.

Psychologically, the yo-yo effect is very difficult to live with and can lead to the appearance of depressive disorders related to these successive failures. Bad diets can lead to a drop in the "good" cholesterol that protects us against cardiovascular disease. The ideal weight loss of a diet under control: A diet must be slow and controlled. Weight loss must be progressive. In general, it is assumed that for a good diet, weight loss should not exceed 500 g to 1 kg per week or 4 to 5 pounds per month.

A good diet should not suffer any deficiency. Below 1200 kCal per day, women are at risk of deficiency and therefore a health problem.

Eating less is not always synonymous with losing weight. For the simple reason that a diet is more for good eating habits than having a restrictive diet.

The diet is an opportunity to learn to eat a balanced diet. Once the diet is "finished", bad eating habits must be discarded to keep only the good ones.

The best way to be well in your body this summer is to plan a few weeks or even months before. So now !

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How get paid 40k dollars a year testing android apps.

How get paid 40k dollars a year testing android apps.

Did you know that you now can have a real work at home job and be paid $40,000 US a year to test andoid apps?

A well established company needs more members from all over the world to do just that!

It is amazingly simple and rewarding.

The app market is blowing up and NOW is the time to become a part of this...

If you use any kind of apps on your smartphone or tablet and you are NOT an app tester yet, you are losing a lot of money:

You can get paid to test apps and write reviews no matter what country you live in.

You don't need to be a professional writer, you just need basic English knowledge.

All you need is any kind of smartphone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, HTC etc.)

Just sign up and you will receive all instructions on how you can earn $40,000 a year testing andoid app.

You choose your own app to test, write a shortreport and get paid. That is soooo simple.

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Kill the elderlies for the planet.

Kill the elderlies for the planet.

I interviewed Véronique Hivon in 2014 about the End-of-Life Care Act. I wanted to know what the government would do to avoid stepping on a slippery slope, like the Belgians and the Dutch who easily grant euthanasia (and who are not afraid of words).

An alcoholic or depressive can get euthanasia in the Netherlands, where the pain is taken into account, not the end of life, to give help to die. Belgians, for their part, admit having lost control over the application of the law.



The clause "end of life" was going to protect us from all drifts, assured me Mrs. Hivon, while admitting that a scientific committee was already working on the help to die anticipated in the cases of Alzheimer.

Here we are: unstoppable progressives, two-thirds of Quebecers want it.

The spirit of the law is yet clear: "To ensure end-of-life care that respects their dignity and to recognize their right to respect for their wishes expressed clearly and freely. "

It should therefore resume the process to legalize these new "pre-arrangements". This is not a clause added to a table corner.

At Second Regard, a Dutch doctor who practices euthanasia said he found this practice "unbearable": "Forgive the expression, but you must kill someone who does not understand what is happening to him. Who does not remember having signed a paper once, not necessarily suffering or unhappy?

But someone will have to decide when it will be appropriate to kill that person. From what criteria? Science does not know everything about Alzheimer's disease. The economy, yes.

Overall, I always thought, and wrote, that physician-assisted dying would open the door to excesses as long as not everyone has access to palliative care.

Between spending the full time in a CHSLD and receiving a drug that puts an end to the daily indignities of dependent people, not to mention the suffering that is not always well managed by the medicine that fears to create drug addicts (!), In more than releasing loved ones from a burden, what would you choose?

Presented thus, it is no longer a choice. Quick, the sting!

And now the fanatics of the environment come to put their grain of salt. A Dutch "Green" MP, Corrine Ellemeet, 43, recently proposed reducing health care for the elderly, helping the planet and saving money at the same time. A geriatrician would make the decision to treat, or not, patients aged 70 and over.

This is called medical degrowth, the new fad of radical ecologists opposed to what they call "capitalistic medicine of performance" and which place the needs of the Earth before those of Humanity.

They are the same people who believe that we must not have children to save the planet.

Think about it, a beautiful Earth empty of humans, but liberated from any moral and ethical conflict facing death, what progress!

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9 golden rules to prepare for your retirement.

9 golden rules to prepare for your retirement

Family with children Do not wait to think about your retirement. The ideal is to think about it at 40 years old. Twenty years are needed to build a worthy capital with a reasonable savings effort.

To complete your pension, consider saving young. Then adjust your strategy according to your personal situation.

1) Take control of your future

It's never too late to worry about retirement. The ideal is to think about it at 40 years old. Twenty years are needed to build a worthy capital with a reasonable savings effort. Learn about what you will really get. This is the first step.

There are huge disparities between professions. With a replacement rate (ratio between the estimated retirement and the amount of the last income) close to 75%, civil servants who retire in 2016 or 2017 do not have to worry too much.

On the other hand, surgeons, architects and lawyers (around 30%) have an interest in putting money aside for their old age. If possible, avoid leaving with a haircut. Extending one's career to benefit from the full rate is more optimal.

Income Tips: For your retirement, the first step is to save. The younger you start, the less effort you have to make. Then think about adjusting your wealth strategy according to the situation and your personal situation.

retirement, retirement plan, private retirement plan, pension plan

2) Own your home In times of uncertainty, owning one's home is reassuring: 58% of households own their main home, compared to 33% in 1953. Even though prices have risen since 2000, buying a home is a good reflex. To repay a loan helps to build wealth, because the monthly payments include a share of interest, but also capital.

When you retire, you save the amount of rent, which increases your purchasing power. The housing budget is "limited" to maintenance costs and local taxes. Be careful not to get into debt too much. Monthly payments must not exceed one third of your income.

• Revenue Tips: Buying a home is a strong commitment. For a young couple, it is often the first important heritage decision. Experts encourage their clients to invest in rental or leisure real estate before acquiring their principal residence. This is not the speech of Revenue. After considering the heritage of many readers, we affirm that, with some exceptions, the most successful ones are those who invest young in stone. To go off the beaten track is good. But you have to know how to stay classic.

3) Think about diversifying your heritage

The best way to prepare for retirement is to build a diversified wealth. Too many savers practice a naive diversification. Spread your life insurance in four or five funds invested in French securities is not enough. Because their performances are likely to be very linked and your contract finally not very diversified.

• Income Tips: At age 45, whatever your risk aversion, hold, depending on your means, rental real estate, stocks, bonds and money market products. As you approach retirement, you can only be a winner because these investment families do not perform well or badly at the same time.

4) Invest in life insurance

An investment that responds to a long-term logic. Premiums paid are capitalized over the years based on realized profits. Your savings remain available. Even if it is preferable, in tax terms, not to withdraw from your contract before eight years.

An investment that escapes tax increases. Life insurance is, with the PEE and the PEA, the big winner of the last tax turmoil. Even if it suffered, like all financial products, the increase in social security contributions to 15.5%. Feed your contracts according to your means and your personal goals.

Trophées d'Or du Revenu contracts are well suited to preparing for retirement. Flexible, with funds profitable in the long term, they will give you satisfaction if you adopt a strategy corresponding to your situation and your real needs.

• TipsIncome: No other investment offers so many assets or freedom. You choose your level of risk and the terms of exit (withdrawal or annuity). On the fiscal side, the benefits continue, for the most part: earnings remain exempt from tax (conditional) and the capital of inheritance tax, up to 152,500 euros per beneficiary.

5) Do not forget rental real estate

The share of households owning a dwelling that is not their main residence (second home or rental investment) is 18.5%: 80% of them own their homes.

The purchase of a home for rent is financed for all or part on credit. By investing at age 45, you will have paid back the bank fifteen years later and the rents will then complete your retirement.

Prefer old to new, 20 to 25% cheaper, for rents roughly identical. The rental profitability (annual rent / purchase price) is therefore better. Especially, if you buy a property to renovate. Because you save on the initial investment and the cost of the work is deductible, in terms of tax, rents cashed. Better, if your expenses exceed your property income, the difference is deductible from your global income up to 10,700 euros per year. Optimize your financing. Credits in fine should be avoided, except for taxpayers taxed at higher levels.

• Revenue Tips: Buying apartments on credit or, better, houses if you can afford them, renting them out is a great asset strategy. Completing your retirement with one or two rents is interesting. The more you invest in your real estate operations, the more money you will earn. Notice to the DIYers!

6) Explore the trail of retirement products

Perp. The tax deduction at the entrance to the popular retirement savings plan (Perp) to taxpayers, taxed at 30, 41 or 45% that can, by this means, "tax free" part of their taxable income.

Perco. For employees. It saves money in an attractive tax environment because earnings are exempt from income tax, but no social security contributions. A good supplement to life insurance and the PEA if the proposed funds are efficient and if the company abounds your payments.

Madelin. Supplementary retirement scheme reserved for the self-employed, the liberal professions and tradesmen. Asset advantage: you benefit at the entrance of a tax benefit proportional to the amount of your payments. Failure to invest: you can not get your money back before retirement, except in limited circumstances; the exit is in the form of annuity. In conclusion, study this placement closely, according to your personal situation and the characteristics of the proposed product.

• Revenue Tips: You need to know what you are getting into. The Perp and Madelin contracts are "tunnel" investments. They are characterized by the unavailability of savings until retirement. There are cases of exceptional withdrawals (different depending on the products). Another limit: your capital can be paid back only in the form of an annuity (except exception).

7) Secure your assets after 65 years

It is important to reduce risks, both in terms of capital and income. It is also necessary to ensure the liquidity of the assets, their availability and to adapt the flows to fixed expenses.

Keep your principal residence, possibly your second home, that is to say the living environment, and sell the assets to which you are little attached. This results in fewer management concerns and lower expenses. You can invest in real estate via SCPI, to ensure regular income by pooling risks.

Get regular income through life insurance by implementing scheduled partial surrenders, subject to an attractive tax regime. "There is no age limit for life insurance," says Charles Meunier, wealth manager near Lyon, author of a study on the main principles of wealth management of the elderly. The important thing is not to subscribe for purely fiscal reasons. The insurance must be random.

• Revenue Tips: Notaries note that many people in their 60s tend to lose their strength too quickly. Find the right balance between the need to keep assets to live well and the legitimate desire to help your children and reduce future inheritance taxes by making donations during your lifetime.

8) Convert a capital into an annuity

Specificity of life annuities. You have a guaranteed income for life without having to worry about managing your savings. The fear of missing disappears. Because rent can not fall except in purchasing power because of inflation.

The life annuity is most often made out of necessity after using the other solutions intended to procure rEvenus. There are various methods of implementing the life annuity: part of the price can be paid in cash, the rest in the form of annuity; it is also possible to convert the entire price into an annuity.

The conversion of a capital into a life annuity. The capital is alienated from an insurer who, in return, pays you a life annuity. To compensate for the impossibility of recovering your money, companies have designed specific contracts that need to be scrutinized. Contracts provide, in the event of death in the first years, to pay a capital sum to the designated beneficiaries.

• Revenue Tips: Retaining your capital gives you more independence and allows you to accumulate withdrawals and interest. But after 75 years, people with modest heritage, without children, can study the opportunity of giving up part of their savings in favor of a very reassuring life annuity. Pay attention to the charges taken by the insurer. Also examine the revaluation of the rent. It depends on technical parameters. It may be attractive to have a lower annuity initially, but which will revaluate better later.

9) Protect yourself against addiction

France is aging. The loss of autonomy concerns 2.7% of the population aged 60 to 79 years. Between the ages of 80 and 84, this rate rises to 14.3%. According to INSEE projections, the number of dependent persons is estimated in 2030 between 1.4 (low hypothesis) and 1.7 million (high hypothesis). The progression should accelerate with the arrival at the age of the "baby-boomers".

The cost of the loss of autonomy. The assistance of a third person or the transfer to a suitable structure can cost more than 4,000 euros per month, much more than the average amount of pensions in France (1,300 euros gross).

Tap into his savings. This is the simplest step. But "many addicts are reluctant to do so having the impression of squandering the fruit of their work," says Charles Meunier, manager heritage near Lyon.

• Revenue Tips: If your wealth does not allow you to finance such an expense, consider insuring yourself against this risk. Privilege contracts that cover total and partial dependence in order to benefit from an annuity at the first signs of loss of autonomy. For a monthly pension of 1,000 euros, count 55 to 85 euros premium per month if you start contributing to 60 years.

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Parkinson's disease differs from one patient to another.

Parkinson's disease differs from one patient to another.

What treatments to cure Parkinson's disease?

Drug treatments

In Parkinson's disease, there are several types of drug treatments with different mechanisms and modes of administration. Whatever the drug, its effectiveness varies from person to person.

Levodopa or L-Dopa

Levodopa or L-Dopa is the most powerful medicine for improving motor disorders. It only acts on certain motor symptoms (slowness, rigidity, tremor) and little on other motor and non-motor signs. It can remain effective throughout the disease, with however the need to significantly increase the doses over time.

The doses and the frequency of the catches often generate side effects and in particular important dyskinesias.

Dopaminergic agonists

Dopamine agonists work by mimicking the action of dopamine. In contrast, agonists have a slightly broader action than L-Dopa and may affect some non-motor signs such as depression. They cause less dyskinesias than L-Dopa but they can cause other side effects including changes in behavior that must be reported to the neurologist.

parkinson,parkison treatment,parkinson disease,parkinson cure

Modes of administration of drug treatments

There are different modes of treatment administration: the most common is the oral route (capsules or tablets). In recent years, a dopaminergic agonist is proposed in the form of a patch, the drug is then assimilated percutaneously.

There are also drug treatments that can be taken subcutaneously or transcutaneously: this is the case of the dopamine agonist named apomorphine can be injected by pump or via a pen injector.

Dopamine can also be injected via a pump via the intestinal tract (duo dopa pump).

The apomorphine pump

Apomorphine is the oldest and most potent dopaminergic agonist. If its name evokes morphine, it has none of the pharmacological properties and has nothing to do with this other drug. The apomorphine pump is a portable and programmable electric syringe that can deliver apomorphine from morning to night or 24 hours a day in case of engine blockage (OFF period).

The apomorphine pump partially replaces the oral treatment (which is often continued but considerably reduced) or even completely eliminates it.

Like all dopaminergic agonists, apomorphine causes undesirable effects but to a lesser extent than oral agonists.

The apomorphine pen

The apomorphine pen is prescribed in some patients with untimely blockages during the day. It allows the patient to self-inject a dose of apomorphine that will act in minutes and allow the patient to unblock quickly.

There is nevertheless a vigilance to have about the risk of addiction to the pen because it can develop a feeling of pleasure during the injection that pushes the patient to increase the frequency of injections.

The dopamine pump

This pump delivers a gel (product called "Duodopa") containing the drugs (levodopa and carbidopa, an enzyme inhibitor that slows down the conversion of levodopa to dopamine before it enters the brain).

This gel is administered via a probe placed directly into the small intestine in the jejunum (the initial part of the small intestine). This treatment can be tested initially by a fine probe placed by the nose to the intestine to evaluate efficacy and tolerance.

Subsequently, to introduce the probe, a small hole is made in the abdominal wall, in the stomach.

Fluctuations in treatment efficiency

The onset of motor complications marks the end of the first phase of the disease, when the symptoms were perfectly controlled. The treatment remains effective, but discontinuously, resulting in variations in the physical and mental state.

Then alternate phases called "on", where the patient goes well with sometimes involuntary movements, and phases "off", where symptoms reappear. Their intensity, however, varies a lot from person to person. They can be taken care of and managed on a daily basis.

Adaptation of the treatment

The drug treatment is unique and adapted for each patient. It will be adjusted throughout the evolution of the disease.

The dosage of each drug, their form as well as the number of daily doses will be determined individually for each patient according to the signs he will describe to his neurologist. The treatments exist in different dosages (50 mg, 125 mg, 150 mg ...) and different forms (ffast-acting dispersible elm, standard form, and lastly prolonged release form of longer action) each selected by the neurologist. Each dosage and form of the drugs thus have a determined action in time, directly visible on the motor state of the patient.

It is important to interact with your neurologist to find a suitable treatment. Do not hesitate to share any side effects for treatment adaptation

Note that in addition to treatment, rehabilitation allows a real wellness.

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China decrees Islam as a mental illness and virus to eradicate.

China decrees Islam as a mental illness and virus to eradicate.

China has declared that the Islamic religion is a mental illness, and that all its followers must be cared for and interned in psychiatric asylums.

Chinese Communist Party Radio (CPP) describes Muslims as infected with ideological illness and religious extremism. An ideology that the official media speaking on behalf of the ruling party describes as violent, stating that its followers should be treated like patients in a psychiatric asylum.


Members of the public who were selected for rehabilitation were infected with an ideological disease. They are infected with religious extremism and a violent terrorist ideology and therefore have to undergo treatment in a hospital as patients. This extremist religious ideology is a poisonous drug that deceives the people. If we do not eradicate religious extremism at the root, violent terrorist incidents will multiply and spread everywhere as an incurable malignant tumor, said the CCP radio.

The radio that speaks in the name of power in the country to also explain that this "mental pathology" is to be treated, even if the "Muslims" have not committed any act of violence, the risk would always weigh on the public and "This virus" has already infected them, where the need for re-education.

Although a number of people have been indoctrinated by this extremist ideology have not committed crimes, they are already infected with the disease. There is always a risk of seeing the disease manifest at any time, which could seriously hurt the public. That's why they have to be re-educated in hospitals in time to treat and clean the virus from their brains and bring them back to their normal state, adds the Chinese Communist Party radio.

During this summer, China banned fasting during the month of Ramadan to its citizens, and even launched legal proceedings against Muslims who had broken the law.

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