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Whether for business or pleasure, technology always plays a key role in our travels, determining their level of comfort and tranquility.

Let’s think about what would become a business trip today without a smartphone, laptop or tablet… hell! With smart working, it often happens to change workstations or to work remotely. And what about moments of relaxation where we take a walk

It is therefore essential to be able to take with you the necessary for work or leisure without too much space or weight to carry in bags and backpacks. So what could be better than a portable object which also becomes a pocket object?

From portable technology to pocket technology! If you're looking for an original idea for your company's next promotional gadget, you might want to take a look at our pocket technology products. You will be satisfied because these are objects whose size is generally not adapted to the size of a pocket or a wallet, but that we have miniaturized to make them transportable even when the space in the bag is really minimal.

Try, for example:

• Card Speaker Bluetooth: this is a mini Bluetooth speaker similar in size to that of a credit card, only 4 mm thick! Despite its very small size, the sound from this speaker is clear and powerful. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, a power of 2W and a built-in rechargeable battery of 300 mAh, this original and practical accessory can be personalized on both sides with the printing of logos and graphics in serigraphy or full color


• Power Pocket: a very small pocket power bank, perfect for recharging your phone "in an emergency" when you are traveling or when you do not have an electrical outlet. The charging cable comes with a Lightning connector with a built-in microphone adapter, which makes it compatible with Apple and Android devices. When the connector is housed in the case, the cable becomes a shoelace that allows you to attach the power bank to a keychain or other objects. Power Pocket can be personalized on both sides with logos and graphic elements in four colors.

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