New technology permits harvesting by satellite.

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Small revolution in the vineyards: Oenoview, a service developed by EADS Astrium with the cooperative wine institute, offers wine growers satellite management of their vineyards. A few rare areas like the castles of Fieuzal and Lynch-Bages in Bordeaux are thus at the top of technology!

Even better than the design cellars or optical sorting tables, Oenoview tackles the rows of vines and draws up a map of the vegetation.

How does it work ?

The images are taken at the time of veraison by a Taiwanese satellite, then are reproduced on cards in bright colors, even fluorescent which are transmitted to customers!

The infrared used to capture the radiation emitted by the vine and transcribe it with colors in the photos and thus provide a wealth of information on the state of the grapes.

This extraordinary tool gives information on the vigor of the vine, the quantity of vegetation, the quality of the grapes and provides extreme precision of the state of the vine.

The result

Oenoview optimizes control and work in the vineyard, but also allows better management and delimitation of plots, in particular according to their homogeneity and their potential.

Indeed, these new maps help to best delimit the different plots. They split the vineyard very carefully. The height of perfection, this tool shows the intra-plot differences that may appear and makes possible a delayed harvest, in order to produce the best possible wines to perfect and play on every detail, in particular the maturity of the grapes.

This detailed preliminary analysis accompanies the field diagnosis in the vineyards. Nothing obviously replaces the review of the vines by the winemaker as well as going to taste the freshly picked berries.

In addition, Oneoview is a valuable aid in the preparation of the harvest. Above all, it is a considerable time saver; the analysis in the vines being irreplaceable but time consuming.

For the moment, around thirty properties are using these satellite images such as the Château de Fieuzal and the Château Lynch Bages. You must have the means to use Oenoview, knowing that it takes between 50 and 70 euros per hectare and per photo.

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