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It has happened to everyone, at least once, to buy an item and suddenly realize that it is not working! A great uneasiness, not only because it will have to be repaired, but also because it will be necessary to struggle through the vague and vaporous meanders of incomprehensible clauses concerning the guarantee. The most frequent questions are whether the warranty will be recognized or not, if the waiting time will be infinite and if the repair will involve an additional expense.

We can say with certainty that consumers are now extremely well protected, even if it is only recently that we started to take stock of the issue, by educating consumers about their rights, in relation to this very subject. burning.

Guarantee: some general information.

Although technological products are the most protected in terms of warranty, it is important to remember that the Consumer Code (which regulates all questions relating to the warranty) refers to all durable and semi-durable goods.

First of all, there is a big distinction between legal guarantees and conventional guarantees: the first must be recognized by the retailer, i.e. the person who signed the purchase contract with the buyer , while the second is not an obligation and for this reason, it can vary from one manufacturer to another, even between the different models of the same company.

A non-conforming product, that is to say a product in which a malfunction is noted within two years of purchase, is covered by the guarantee provided by law. The discovery of the defect must be notified to the retailer within two months; (with regard to the latter, it is important to remember that if the consumer discovers the defect after two years, he still has two months to notify the non-compliance and benefit from the guarantee).

The repair methods depend on the contingency: it will be up to the buyer to opt for a repair rather than a replacement or, in the most extreme cases, for a termination of the contract and the return of the amount of money paid. purchase.

It is important to remember that the conventional warranty does not in any way invalidate the legal warranty provided for by the Consumer Code. It will be up to the consumer, depending on the more or less advantageous conditions of the conventional warranty, to choose to contact the manufacturer or the reseller.

Things change for purchases with a VAT number.

For those who make professional purchases and therefore with a VAT number, the two-year guarantee provided for by the Consumer Code (dedicated to final consumers) is no longer valid and applies to the year provided for by the Civil Code or, as desired, the conventional year freely determined by the manufacturer.

Transparent guarantee in the Hi-Tech field.

After the report on the textile sector, Konsumer and Garanteasy reviewed the technological sector and found that today approximately 84.8% of the retailers of technological products communicate the guarantee on their own sites in a clear and transparent manner and, in particular, 12.1% is "Sufficient", 42.4% obtains a score "Fairly good", 24.2% "Good" and 6.1% "Excellent". This has certainly served, as Konsumer Italy explains, to ensure that around 70% of Italian consumers are now aware of their right to the legal guarantee provided for by the Consumer Code on electronic products. This figure conflicts with the 50% of those who know they can benefit from it on clothing and accessories.

The guarantee with Maikii

Maikii has always shown transparency to its customers, which is why it provides a lifetime warranty for all USB sticks. For all other Tech accessories, the warranty is two years, except for batteries where there has been an adjustment to the legal warranty which provides 6 months of coverage.

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