French technology in the Alps.

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The purpose of the French Tech in The Alps Strategic Alliance is to unite the agglomerations and territories of the Alpine furrow around the dynamics of La French Tech. It aims to promote the emergence of European and world-class champions, capable of increasing, in a few years, from a handful of employees to several thousand, even tens of thousands of jobs. The goal of several thousand jobs is ambitious. But realistic. To do this, French Tech in the Alps operates three main levers:

  • Federate, by allowing start-ups to access the resources necessary for their growth and by allowing young thumbs to regroup strategically in incubators, but also through numerous events.
  • Accelerate development by providing tools that promote the emergence of startups with high growth potential and propel them to the rank of Tech-Champions.
  • Increase the visibility of the train path nationally and internationally.

Solidarity energies The strength of the Alps? One for all! All for one ! The French Tech in the Alps network operates in an effective alliance, built gradually. The alliance is made up of the four metropolitan areas Digital Grenoble, Digital Savoie, Annecy Startup and Digital Valence-Romans. The Annecy Startup association, part of the Alpine Tech French furrow in the Alps, has embodied La French Tech since July 2016 in Annecy.

French Tech in the Alps-Chambéry is a movement led by entrepreneurs and accelerators of local economic development at the service of the Tech and Digital sector of Savoie. Symbol of "doing together" Digital Grenoble brings together energies, rare skills and means to accelerate collective projects with digital. In the same spirit, entrepreneurs from large groups, SMEs, investors, designers, developers, operators and public actors… have decided to work together to define a shared strategy, gain visibility and promote the Valence-Romans agglomeration alongside other French Tech cities.

An exemplary dynamism Undoubtedly the most active region from the point of view of initiatives and events, French Tech in the Alps does not just look after its dense network of start-ups, it also sets up numerous events for the general public and specific workshops, inviting in particular the youngest project leaders to come and test and develop their ideas with the greatest experts, all for free.

Open labs: building the future together!

Right now and until March 2018, it's Open Labs at the CivicLab in Grenoble The challenge ? Change behavior and the city with digital tools! Everyone can participate in this way to invent the digital services of the city of tomorrow. From the simple user to the start-up, from the student to the developer, from the curious to the expert, all energies are welcome! Technical support workshops will accompany project groups until the end of February 2018, the date of deposit of the prototypes. Next meeting on November 29! Makers, visitors, curious or DIY enthusiasts will be welcomed in the Casemate's digital manufacturing workshop, to advance their projects, meet the Fab Lab community, and test the machines. This open-lab will allow the neophyte public to discover the laser cutter, vinyl cutter, 3D printers and digital milling machines. What stimulate creativity!

Transfo! 100% digital festival, from January 18 to 24, 2018!

Softly, digital is taking hold in our lives, transforming our habits, changing our daily lives, and French Tech in the Alps has understood this well: to cook, go on a trip, study, find a soul mate, work … Digital will never be far away. Transfo has one ambition: to help read these changes, so that everyone gets the best of them, so that no one is forgotten. Thirsty for the future? Transfo is a festival designed for young and old, pros and amateurs, mini-startups and mega-trusts, the curious and the jaded, the geeks and the neophytes, the silicon addicts and the angry with the computer! The program is spread over a full week from Thursday 18 to Wednesday 24 January, with events over the weekend, especially in the heart of the alpine resorts of the territory. Transfo is entirely designed by the alpine digital ecosystem and imagined by the 400 members of the French Tech in the Alps collective. It is open to all digital players, and beyond. See you in January with lots of fresh ideas and good tech resolutions!


This large-scale trade fair, dedicated to innovative solutions for the industry, has barely ended, and guess who was in the spotlight? French Tech in the Alps start-ups!

The innovations of startups were presented on a startup factory stand animated by French tech in the Alps in front of more than 12,000 visitors. Communication infrastructures, connected objects, data, cloud computing ... The Alps see far and will be part of the future, for sure!

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