Finally! Brexit has materialized.

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Finally ! Brexit has just materialized. The British regain their sovereignty. There will be administrative and legal steps to go through, but the main thing is done.

Since their 2016 vote in favor of leaving the European Union, they have had to be persistent: an entire political and media system has sought to neutralize their vote, as if it were a referendum accident that we could put in parentheses. The British, however, persisted: they wanted to regain their national sovereignty. And in December, they elected Boris Johnson by a large majority to allow him to go through with Brexit.


The historical significance of this decision cannot be underestimated. For several decades, the western world has tended to believe that the nation state was outdated and that it was necessary to rally to a new postnational order, allowing the establishment of global governance. The European Union thus presented itself as an essential step in its establishment. It was necessary to dissolve sovereignty and national identities so that a "globalized" consciousness would gradually take shape.

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Our globalized, liberal and progressive elites accuse people of populism when they do not vote as asked. But the British remind us that people can revolt against an illegitimate order. They recalled the importance for a people to govern themselves, without being subjected to a distant and disembodied technocracy, which claims to replace the democratically elected representatives and decrees the end of historical identities in the name of multiculturalism. They recalled that politics is precisely, for a people, to decide their destiny.


They responded to contemptuous ideological orders with a gesture of sovereignty. They could inspire other people in this direction.

Ours, for example.

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