The safe way to lose weight and hold it in three months.

The safe way to lose weight and hold it in three months.

Our mantra for life: all diets whose priority is to lose weight quickly are failures. On the other hand, if they lead to a gradual rebalancing of our diet, with a benevolent look at ourselves, our desires, our limits, it is a success. So no need to remove for life the little pleasures like profiteroles, we are pleased from time to time with a suitable diet!

Lose weight in 3 months: the menu of your day Good breakfast to lose weight in 3 months For three months, and more if affinities, you have to be inventive for a slimming breakfast. Examples: a squeezed lemon juice + a cup of Sobacha (buckwheat roasted with hazelnut flavor, organic store) + a mix of two fruit juices (blueberries / apple or kiwi / grapefruit ...) + a buckwheat pancake .

Or, instead of the galette, a bowl of oatmeal flakes with almonds, hazelnuts, honey and fresh fruit. Or, a chocolate smoothie powder / banana / milk almond + green tea at will.

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The recipe for the buckwheat pancake, because it's cheaper to make them yourself and keep them. Mix 40 g of buckwheat flour + 40 g of rice flour + 250 ml of vegetable milk + a pinch of salt. It's ready, more than cooking in the pan.

We prefer the small snack of 11 hours: a fresh fruit + a handful of almonds.

What to eat at lunch to lose weight in 3 months? The base is solid to hold all afternoon. A raw or cooked entry + a plate where to gather an animal protein (fish or white meat) + cereals + vegetables of season. Dessert: a small cooked fruit tart.

Lose weight with a balanced snack

The sweet note of the day, dried fruit, fresh fruit, a handful of almonds. Or a real snack with a sandwich of toasted bread + four squares of dark chocolate + a hot drink. Nice too, the buckwheat pancake with a spoonful of jam.

At dinner

The principle, a meal not too rich. Vegetables + sprouted seeds + a choice of fish, poultry or a white omelette with herbs + a vegetable caviar (see recipe above). And, for the moment of comfort, applesauce or baked apple with cinnamon and dark chocolate.

There are twelve hours between dinner and breakfast the next day, this is the ideal time for the body to "cleanse". If we dine at 19 hours, we will be in the right timing for the breakfast of 7 hours. Otherwise, we adapt according to his lifestyle: 20 hours / 8 hours ...

And in case of late dinner? When you wake up, wait until 10am to treat yourself to one or two fresh seasonal fruits + a handful of almonds.

Slimming tips to lose weight in three months

Better chew

In ten minutes, it is impossible for our body to assimilate. We must take the time to chew, chew, grind our food! Ideally between twenty and fifty times. The effects are automatic: when you eat more slowly, you eat less. And in addition, we avoid the small belly swelling.

Quality rather than quantity

A packet of chips is light in the mouth, it's bad for the line and more, it does not feed. Better two squares of good chocolate with taste, or a handful of nuts that are chewed slowly. This is the assurance of not being hungry an hour later.

Stop drowning your meals in the water

It is believed that it is the good reflex, on the contrary, it blocks the digestion. On the menu: non-mineral still waters between meals (Cristaline); minerals during the meal (Evian, Volvic ...). As for the sparkling waters, they are reserved for the end of the meal.

Slimming breathing at 10 am and 4 pm

No, it's not gadget, it's even the only way to fight stress, because that says stress says nibbling. How to use: we start with a very deep inspiration, then we push a big sigh. Then, inhale three seconds through the nose - counting 1,000/2,000/3,000 - then expire very slowly through the nose - counting 1,000 / 2,000 / 3,000 / 4,000 / 5,000 / 6,000.

To do five minutes, concentrating on the air coming in and out, sitting back straight on the edge of his chair. Then, we offer an herbal tea. Proven effectiveness on "false hungers"! "Programming to heal" by Dr. Yann Rougier, ed. Albin Michel.

Eight to ten deviations a month

Yes, we are entitled, provided we do not offer them in a row! And Coca Light is one of them, yes! And then there are small forgiven gaps, like these new gluten-free sweets from Gerblé.

In case of balance bug, we write for three days all we eat Precisely. Very quickly, we become aware of what is wrong and rectify. You can help yourself with this app, very useful for noting meals and scanning food barcodes,

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