The risks of a fast diet to lose weight fast!

The risks of a fast diet to lose weight fast!

"Quickly done, well done" is not the adage that must be applied if you undertake to make a slimming diet. Fast diets are very popular because they promise to lose weight quickly. But you have to know that losing weight quickly entails health risks.

The diets you like the most are often the ones that make you lose weight fast. But "quickly done, well done" does not apply to thinness and more particularly to the diet.

Starting a diet is difficult both psychologically and physically. We can understand that the sooner we start seeing the first effects, the more we are motivated to continue a diet that seems to work well.

However, we can not stress enough the importance of losing weight very gradually and without deficiencies.

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Miracle diets do not exist

Spring is the peak period for laboratories and brands of slimming products. Summer is getting ready and soon the hour of the little summer dresses and the swimsuit will ring.

But this period is also the one that causes the most problems. Before the summer, we hear about "diet that works" and this miraculous prescription turns out to be a risk factor.

Do not be naive. Diets that work are well controlled diets. You know deep down that when you are promised to lose weight in 8 days or lose 10 pounds in a month, almost without effort, there is inevitably something wrong in the recipe.

There is no miracle solution and fast. No diets, no slimming creams, no capsules, no slimming drinks of any kind. If the slimming methods vary, they all have in common the duration in time. Lose weight is obviously possible but it takes time.

A diet must be done gradually and in an organized way so as not to superficially lose weight and to avoid the yo-yo effect that is feared only too much.

The risks of a diet too fast:

Quick recovery of lost pounds

The pounds that are picked up become more and more difficult to lose. This is called the yoyo effect which results in a succession of weight loss and weight recoveries. Physically, the body is completely disturbed. The yo-yo effect makes it necessary to make an even more important diet each time.

Fast and successive diets cause excess weight and promote the installation of obesity.

Psychologically, the yo-yo effect is very difficult to live with and can lead to the appearance of depressive disorders related to these successive failures. Bad diets can lead to a drop in the "good" cholesterol that protects us against cardiovascular disease. The ideal weight loss of a diet under control: A diet must be slow and controlled. Weight loss must be progressive. In general, it is assumed that for a good diet, weight loss should not exceed 500 g to 1 kg per week or 4 to 5 pounds per month.

A good diet should not suffer any deficiency. Below 1200 kCal per day, women are at risk of deficiency and therefore a health problem.

Eating less is not always synonymous with losing weight. For the simple reason that a diet is more for good eating habits than having a restrictive diet.

The diet is an opportunity to learn to eat a balanced diet. Once the diet is "finished", bad eating habits must be discarded to keep only the good ones.

The best way to be well in your body this summer is to plan a few weeks or even months before. So now !

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