Sun exposure reduces risk of blood clot, Swedish study says

Sun exposure reduces risk of blood clot, Swedish study says

The exposure to the sun, whose role is demonstrated in the occurrence of skin cancer, nevertheless significantly reduces the risk to women. Thrombosis, more commonly known as blood clots, according to a new Swedish study.

"We found that women who tan in the sun have a 30% lower risk of suffering from blood clots," Pelle Lindqvist, Associate Professor in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Stockholm's Karolinska University Hospital, told AFP. .

"There is also a higher risk of blood clots in December, January and February in Sweden, when there is less sun here," said the study's co-author, published in the March issue of the Journal. Thrombosis and Haemostasis.

The researcher and two colleagues from the University of Lund, in southern Sweden, have analyzed the results of a survey conducted since 1990 with 40,000 Swedish women, among other things, asked about their tanning habits, especially whether they tan during the summer, winter, or if they traveled to sunny countries or used a solarium.

The team then studied the medical complications over the next twelve years, which showed that 312 of them had thromboses.

Even when combined with other factors such as exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption or weight, the study showed that tanning reduced the risk of clot formation.

"By tanning, you avoid the vitamin D shortage during the winter when people in Sweden suffer from vitamin D deficiency. It's only during the summer that we have enough vitamin D, "said Lindqvist, who believes the results should be similar for men, although the study could only be women.

The exact role of vitamin D in preventing thrombosis has not been established and will be the subject of another study, he said.

To counteract the risks of skin cancer with the benefits to the bloodstream, the researcher recommends taking short sunbaths every day, and even in the middle of the day, but to avoid sunburn.

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