Some tips before insuring your used car.

Some tips before insuring your used car.

Subscription to a car insurance policy is mandatory if you drive a new or used car. In this regard, it should be noted that the term used car may designate a vehicle that has been in circulation for a few months as it may be a vehicle that has been driving for years. To buy a used car insurance contract, here's what you need to know.

Used car: which auto insurance contract should you choose?

The newer the car, the higher the value of the auto dimension. It is for this reason that it is recommended to take out an all-risk car insurance policy when driving a new vehicle or having driven less than two years. Between two and five years old, the motorist can opt for an intermediate insurance contract, although an all-risk contract is still advisable. For a vehicle over ten years old, the good idea would be to take out insurance with the third party. It should be noted, however, that this does not apply to vintage cars. Given their value, the good idea would be to take out a multi-risk insurance contract. Of course, you have to pay a higher premium if you opt for a multi-risk contract. If you are looking for an insurance agency in Le Havre, we recommend the MMA agency Le Havre Hôtel de Ville.

Used car insurance: the guarantees you can subscribe

Unless it is a car bequeathed by a close relative, you are not safe from hidden defects when driving a car that you have bought used. As garage costs may be high, it is recommended that you take certain optional guarantees in addition to liability insurance. For example, you can take out a mechanical guarantee that will allow you to get a refund of repair costs in case of failure. There is also the guarantee of assistance in case of breakdown. It must be known that there is a mileage deductible to reach for this guarantee to work. That being so, asking for these options implies that you have to pay a higher insurance premium. To find a car insurance with good value for money, it is recommended to make a comparison of auto insurance. In addition, ensure the regular maintenance of your vehicle.

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