Make love…

Make love…

Hundred times on the job ... Some men could happily welcome the new findings of an Australian study, which indicate that the frequency of intercourse affects sperm quality.

The study, made public at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology Congress, was conducted among 118 Australians whose sperm was spoiled.

Dr. David Greening of the Sydney IVF private clinic and his colleagues found that a daily sexual intercourse for one week reduced the number of lesions in the patients' sperm DNA.

After seven days, the doctors observed that 81% of the subjects had a 12% drop in the amount of damaged sperm. Experts conclude that sperm is less likely to be damaged if removed quickly from the body.

Dr. Greening and her colleagues are continuing the analysis of the results to determine how many of the participants have become pregnant. In the meantime, he recommends that his patients make love more often. The instruction would smile to young men, but not to older ones.

Professor Bill Ledger of the University of Sheffield in Britain is even less enthusiastic than his Australian colleagues. "It may improve pregnancy rates, but we still have to do additional studies. "

He also argues that advising couples to increase their sex may add to their stress of wanting a child, and therefore harming them.

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