Here's why you do not make any money online.

Here's why you do not make money online.

Reasons can be numerous and probably are.

You have been working hard online and you still do not know why you do not make money?

Let spread reality in front of your eyes.

You sign up for many programs thinking that you should not put all your eggs in the same basket.

You probably use a cell phone thinking that clicking a few links on an application will make you millions in no time.

You are convinced that you will make money fast and easy online.


Do a reality check on yourself. Are you naive?

Keep reading attentively because I decided this morning to come out of the shadow and tell you the truth.

I am a retired software engineer, 62 years old and made fortune online from 1988.

Internet was then just a cloudy project. People had to compose a phone number on their 8 bits modem to reach a server that would connect them to the internet which was very limited to certain cities. BUT I was there! I was already selling web exposure to Hotels, restaurants etc.

In 1992 I reached my first million dollar of internet income. I always kept doing that for myself, then for my children and now, I am educating my grand children and YOU are next.

Life was not always that easy for me. I started my life digging in the thrash cans of my city to find food. I fought cold nights sleeping under bridges along with other stinking homeless. So, if I could have come from that far, you can certainly do better. I am not any special person.

I understand that life has changed and everyone is trying to get his piece of the pie, but I will get you on track today with this simple posting.

To become very wealthy online, you should not signup for tons of programs and dilute your attention by giving bits of your energy to one then the other and jumping from opportunity to opportunity without patience and consistency.

Everyone does exactly that, and it does not work.

If you want to get rich online, you have to be the head of something, the number 1, the owner or the CEO. All the money or at least part of any transaction has to come directly to you.

Imagine someone coming to you saying: "I am going to build a unique money making website for you for free and you will own it entirely." What would you do? Keep pushing buttons on your keyboard and clicking links on your smart phone for 10 cents a day? Or concentrate of that new business you own?

I think you would concentrate on that particular project. You would tell your family your friends and would promote only that single new project you believe in. Putting all the energy you have on one single project pays a lot more then spreading yourself into bits and pieces.

I am a philanthropist, I like people and I like to help. Me, my children and grand children are now financially secured and the relay is in your hands now.

I have put up a website that does exactly what I just told you. If you want it, it is yours. You are going to be the owner and at the very top of the business. All you have to do to become millionaire in one year is to concentrate on that very project.

Put your mind in CEO mode right now. Real business men who wants to open a grocery store will put a lot of time, energy and money into their project before they sells a first item. Sometimes years. That is why they will succeed, they do not want to loose their investment and they do believe in their project.

Today, I am going to give you an amazing opportunity to become wealthy, but you have to believe you can, believe in yourself and then put some energy to start it all up.

Your personal experience in cyber marketing will help, but I will show you how to use other people energy to raise your business. You will be like a god telling people where to put the money.

I will give you a complete money making website with a nice money making plan plus a full social network hosted for free with a domain name that makes sense.

Imagine, there is 7 billions people waiting for you to show them your business. They will get in if you concentrate and let go the other 10 cents a day apps.

Who made Google or Facebook so rich? You, me, everyone who uses them. When you want to make money, you have to understand that this money is in other people's pocket. You have to offer something they want and need and they will buy. Your product have to interest absolutely everyone, every countries and any age. If they can have the largest part of it for free, that's is good for you. The first step is to get people surrounding you. How do you think Facebook developed ? Mister owner told some friends who told some others... That's all! And now he gets billions per year. That money does not fall from the sky, it comes from people's pocket.

On your website, you will have many possibilities to offer your own products that you will not even have to build.

You will never find an opportunity like this again. It has been designed for people like you, but you have to take it seriously. CONCENTRATE on this one.

Unless you want to stay a loser all your life.

Want to start now?

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