China decrees Islam as a mental illness and virus to eradicate.

China decrees Islam as a mental illness and virus to eradicate.

China has declared that the Islamic religion is a mental illness, and that all its followers must be cared for and interned in psychiatric asylums.

Chinese Communist Party Radio (CPP) describes Muslims as infected with ideological illness and religious extremism. An ideology that the official media speaking on behalf of the ruling party describes as violent, stating that its followers should be treated like patients in a psychiatric asylum.


Members of the public who were selected for rehabilitation were infected with an ideological disease. They are infected with religious extremism and a violent terrorist ideology and therefore have to undergo treatment in a hospital as patients. This extremist religious ideology is a poisonous drug that deceives the people. If we do not eradicate religious extremism at the root, violent terrorist incidents will multiply and spread everywhere as an incurable malignant tumor, said the CCP radio.

The radio that speaks in the name of power in the country to also explain that this "mental pathology" is to be treated, even if the "Muslims" have not committed any act of violence, the risk would always weigh on the public and "This virus" has already infected them, where the need for re-education.

Although a number of people have been indoctrinated by this extremist ideology have not committed crimes, they are already infected with the disease. There is always a risk of seeing the disease manifest at any time, which could seriously hurt the public. That's why they have to be re-educated in hospitals in time to treat and clean the virus from their brains and bring them back to their normal state, adds the Chinese Communist Party radio.

During this summer, China banned fasting during the month of Ramadan to its citizens, and even launched legal proceedings against Muslims who had broken the law.

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