Bicar: an electric micro vehicle designed for short urban displacements.

electric car Bicar: an electric micro vehicle designed for short urban displacements.

Designed by a team from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, the Bicar is an electric microsuit designed for short urban journeys. It will be tested by car sharing in several cities in Switzerland from the start of the school year.

Cross a BMW C1 scooter with a Piaggio MP3, all with an electric motor, a battery and solar panels and you get the Bicar. It is a single-seat electric microcar whose front axle is articulated by a parallelogram to tilt in turns. Designed by two engineers from the University of Applied Sciences Zurich, it will make its commercial debut in a few months in Switzerland.

The Bicar is equipped with a 2 kW electric motor built into the rear wheel that allows it to drive at 45 km / h. It is powered by a 48 V battery of 1 kWh whose autonomy is not specified but which should be less than 50 kilometers. Photovoltaic panels are integrated in the body, on the roof and the front cover. This microcar is intended for short trips in urban areas.

The Bicar will cost a little over 6,200 euros The driver connects his smartphone to the integrated support on the handlebar and uses it as a dashboard. According to the designers, the Bicar can carry two bags. Because of its semi-closed structure, the microcar can be used without a helmet, but with a seat belt. Its removable battery will be exchangeable on special stations that will be deployed throughout the city. The exact role of solar panels in the autonomy of the vehicle is unknown.

Several use cases are envisaged: company fleets to allow employees to move between different sites or to go on a tour of customers located in a nearby perimeter; car-sharing services in a city; direct sales to individuals. The Bicar will be sold 7,000 Swiss francs, a little more than 6,200 euros. A first series of 30 copies will be produced next September. A car-sharing test will be conducted in the cities of Baden, Basel and Winterthur in late 2019-2020 before the start of mass production.

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