30 minutes a day to lose weight quickly and well

30 minutes a day to lose weight quickly and well

30 minutes to lose weight? It's possible. The proof in 7 tips.

I make money on my high heels.

By requisitioning the salon for a "legwork" class, the latest New York fitness craze conceived by two stiletto pros who coach the Broadway dancers and help them support their stilettos.

The principle ? We start the DVD and, for half an hour, high on his heels, we try to follow these exercises borrowed from dance, yoga and Pilates.

I practice the "hara achi bu"

Which means, in Japanese, never eat enough. In other words, we stop eating just before being completely satiated and with a delicious feeling of lightness.

I'm walking in flip flops

They snapped up at the people. The reason ? Developed by serious Dr. David Cook, expert in biomechanics, these rubber sandals sculpt the calves, tone the legs and buttocks.

The find is their sole which, by slightly destabilizing the foot, continuously solicits the muscles of the leg, as if we were barefoot in the sand.

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I climb on a platform

Not just any: we need the Powerplate Pro Air, whose vibratory plate is mounted on tires for maximum flexibility.

No more jerks that hurt the joints or fragile backs, we can now modulate the impact of vibration based on its shape or weight.

Also safe, the oscillating platforms (forward / backward, left / right, up / down), used by the physiotherapists, which solicit the muscles in an alternative way.

I take the time to chew

30 minutes is the minimum union slimming meal, to better digest and therefore less store.

This is the only way for the satiety mechanisms to start.

I offer myself an acupuncture session

Some micro-punctures on points that increase satiety (temples, hands, feet ...) and at the end of the session, we already have less hunger.

To continue five weeks to achieve a sustainable result.

I'm doing double hit with my coach

We knew the sports coach, now here is the one who mixes dietary and physical education. A real tailor-made, which combines the effects of the abs with the benefits of a back of cod.

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