World first: 2 consecutive births after thawed ovarian tissue transfer.

World first: 2 consecutive births after thawed ovarian tissue transfer

A Danish gave birth to 18 months interval to two healthy babies, after transplantation of thawed ovarian tissue, a world first, according to an article published in Human Reproduction, the journal of the European Society of Reproduction (ESHRE).

According to Claus Yding Andersen, Professor of Human Reproductive Physiology at the University Hospital of Copenhagen, "This is the first time in the world that a woman has two children successively after transplanting ovarian tissue thawed". In his view, this should encourage the development of the ovarian tissue freezing technique for young women undergoing treatment that could damage their ovaries.

Mrs. Stinne Holm Bergholdt, now 32 years old and co-author of the article, had to undergo chemotherapy in 2004 after finding Ewing's sarcoma (bone tumor). Previously, one third of his right ovary was removed and frozen, his left ovary having been removed a few years earlier following a benign tumor.

The treatment, successful, caused as expected menopause.

In December 2005, five thin pieces of ovarian tissue were transplanted into what was left of her right ovary, which returned to function. After mild ovarian stimulation, she gave birth to her first daughter, Aviaja, in February 2007, whom she was breastfeeding until October.

In January 2008, returning to Dr. Andersen's clinic for a new in-vitro fertility treatment that allowed her to conceive another child, she was surprised to find that she was pregnant again. She gave birth in September to a second daughter, Lucca.

Since then, Ms. Bergholdt continues to have menstrual cycles and uses preventative measures to prevent pregnancy.

Moreover, as other pieces of ovary are always frozen, with a shelf life of some 40 years, they could be transplanted when the former will no longer work, according to Professor Andersen.

To date, according to the review, nine children - including Mrs. Bergholdt's two babies - were born as a result of a thawed ovarian tissue transplant, three of which were under Professor Andersen's supervision.

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