Which crypto currency to buy in 2019 and beyond

What are the crypto-currencies to follow closely?

Prospects for the future are therefore rather positive for the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin is the mainstay of the crypto-monetary movement. Leader of its market in value and notoriety, it is the locomotive of the sector. It continues to consolidate its value despite significant turmoil and is expected to continue to steady its uptrend.

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Ether has incredible abilities due to its own blockchain technology and will continue to grow. In the consequent increase in ICOs that we have seen, he has contributed to many of them by offering businesses the opportunity to use the Ethereum blockchain rather than having to create a new one.

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The Ripple is the quiet force. A favorite of the traditional banking world, the banks gladly choose it for their interbank payments. Its current value is low, but according to the rules of finance, the lower the asset, the more accessible it is to investors of all kinds, and therefore the easier it will be to increase its value.

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What advice to secure your investments over the long term? If you want to buy cryptocurrency in the long term, the rule to follow is to choose the right trading platform to start so you can invest with confidence.

If the future of cryptocurrencies is not all traced, they nevertheless left to anchor in our society. As always, we will only advise you to be cautious. Choosing the right broker and not betting more than you would be willing to lose is also key. But beautiful hours and surprises are looming on the horizon, and confidence is good for the future of these new currency.

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