Wepals.net Revenue Share Program

Wepals.net Revenue Share Program

After making most social networks filthy rich, time as come to reverse the stream, and get paid to socialize.

WePals is a revolutionary revenue sharing system for everyone!

Yes you read right, WE (you, me, everybody) made most social networks incredibly rich and what was our reward?


We get banned, blocked and spammed but never get rewarded in anyways.

WePals has decided to stop this nonsense and give back 90% of its income back to the users, YOU.

After all it is members who generates the revenue to a social network.

How WePals works:

You signup and will never have to pay anything. Then you invite your friends and family. They will do just the same, you know, social network style of friends inviting friends. After a time, someone in your network, maybe even you, is going to buy advertising and we give 90% of the sales back to you on a matter of 10% of the selling price (what ever it is) per sponsor on 9 levels. The 10th levels stays with us to pay expenses.

As the whole network grows, more and more companies and promoters like you will buy BIG advertising campaigns. Let's say some company buys $10,000. you get $1,000, your 9 friends upward also gets $1,000. Some BIG companies will buy $100,000. then you get all $10,000. each. and if they buy $1,000,000. you get $100,000. instantly. That is for one sale! Imagine once you get lots of BIG companies and partners behind you to build your income. The potential is enormously limitless.

Even you, as an affiliate of any other program can buy cheap per click visitors to what ever opportunity you promote. Your link will then be shown on all WePals pages. You can also use the network to promote what ever you want to your private friends.

Incomes are withdrawable in real cash, not coins or points.

WePals is divided in 2 specific programs. The Revenue Share Program and the Social Network. You have to signup independently to each other as many users will not wish to become a WePals affiliate but just use the social site. See the Link at the top right of the page. All you have to do then is to invite people to https://wepals.net

All you have to do is signup today and invite your friends and family members.

And yes, WePals is social so you reach friends, groups, pages, chat, share things, emotion, pictures and income. :-)

Welcome in!


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