The pubescent girls from childhood.

The pubescent girls from childhood

The Parisian newspaper published today the results of a study while surprisingly, 4,200 young French girls from Languedoc-Roussillon: their puberty would be more and more precocious. Directed by the professor of pediatric endocrinology at the University Hospital of Montpellier, it corroborates the results obtained by a preliminary study conducted on young American women, who had concluded that 15% of them had breasts that develop at the age of ... 7 years.

"The trend is for a steady decline in the age of puberty. In France, the age of first menstruation, which was 15 years and a half in 1850, reached 12.6 years in 1994 during the last survey on this theme, "explains researcher Elise de la Roche Brochard of the Institute National Institute of Demographic Studies (INED) in Paris.

Dr. Sultan explains that the development of the mammary gland begins on average at 9 years and three months. "We now see an average of once a week in our department at Montpellier University Hospital for little girls aged 3 to 5 who are starting to have breasts. Conversely, we also see many who have real growth delays in this area. We did not see such hormonal differences ten years ago, "he says.

Responding to questions from the everyday, he explains that the increase of estrogen causes the onset of puberty. This can be caused by overweight or high consumption of foods rich in soy and isoflavones (especially in milk and yogurt).

Even pesticides, which can be found for example in plastics or food films, "have a strong estrogenic activity".

However, the professor warns of risks related to such puberty: "we must monitor hormonal problems, because they may eventually promote the development of certain cancers, including breast cancer."

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