Researchers succeed in blocking peanut allergy.

Researchers succeed in blocking peanut allergy

Researchers at the NorthWestern Private University ( Chicago) have managed to get around peanut allergy (peanuts). A news that will delight more than one ... because who does not know in his entourage near or far at least one person allergic to peanuts (and nuts)?

In the United States every year, there are between 15 000 and 30 000 anaphylactic shocks (extreme allergic reaction), which cause between 100 and 200 deaths. And of course no preventive treatment exists. From the first serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing, swelling, major rash, heart rate changes, etc ... the only solution is the bite of epinephrine (adrenaline).

But that does not solve the problem. An allergic person will not be able to eat peanut butter (more present, it is true, in homes in North America than in France).

American scientists have no doubt found an early solution, which already works in mice.

How? by deceiving the immune system. Because the danger in an allergic reaction is not the ingested food itself but rather the extreme reaction of the immune system. The researchers had the good idea to insert peanut proteins inside white blood cells, then to reintegrate them into the blood system of an allergic mouse. Her immune system then analyzed this new finding in a known blood cell, and cataloged it as safe (this is the same principle that is already used to treat autoimmune diseases). With this new added tolerance, the mouse did not have any anaphylactic shock when given peanuts. The allergic mouse was no longer allergic ...

It remains now to move from the mouse to the man ... It is not won but it is not impossible either.

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