Online Marketing Know How

Online Marketing Know How

Before you dig in

Online marketing changes faster then light. To keep up, you need a strong foundation with the judgment to think critically, act independently, and be relentlessly creatively original. This brief guide will empower you with the mental building blocks to stay ahead in an aggressive industry.

Be focused

Your potential customers, prospects, and partners are the blood of of your online business. You need to build your marketing strategy with them in mind.

Step 1 of marketing is understanding what your clients want, which can be challenging when you’re dealing with such a diverse audience.

Build a framework

Poor marketers think in terms of campaigns. Good ones think in terms of growth. Learn how to position your marketing strategy into a sustainable, Retrun-On-Investment positive revenue for your brand or product.

Develop the historical

When people spend money, they’re thinking with both their rational and emotional brains. The most effective marketing frameworks appeal to both.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools that your company can use to build customer contacts.

Get traffic

You can have the most amazing online store, or blog but if you’re not getting any traffic or visitors, your business will never raise up.

Convert your traffic to sales

Getting traffic is only half the marketing equation. You need to invest the time in building a strategy for driving sales. Conversion optimization is the practice of converting first-time visitors into customers and converting first-time customers into repeat buyers.

Build great content

Content marketing is more than just talking about it. When executed correctly, content including articles, guides, webinars, and videos can be powerful growth drivers for your business. Focus on building trust and producing amazing quality. And most of all, make sure that you’re capturing the right metrics.

Create content to generate Return On Investment.

Measure your results.

Use channel marketing


Paid channel marketing is something you’ve probably come across in some form or another. Other names for this topic include Search Engine Marketing, online advertising or paid ads, or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

Very often, marketers use these terms interchangeably to describe the same concept — traffic purchased through online ads. Marketers frequently shy away from this technique because it costs money.

This perspective will put you at a significant disadvantage. It’s not uncommon for companies to run Pay Per Click campaigns with uncapped budgets. Why? Because you should be generating an Return On Investment anyway.

But if your budget is very low, use the social media and free stuff available. It is less efficient, but if you have time...

Email marketing

Email marketing has a bad bad name. Why? Because in the majority of cases, it’s spammy or at least emails receivers thinks it is.

When executed correctly, email marketing can be incredibly powerful because it reaches people personally. The trick is to prioritize the human-to-human connection above the sale. I personally send a first email asking for permission to then send an offer. This way I do not get spam complaints.

Get the word out

You’ve just launched an amazing product or service ni which you truly believe. Now what? You need to get the word out.

When done well, good PR can be much more effective and less expensive than advertising. Regardless of whether you want to hire a fancy agency or awesome consultant, make sure that you know what you’re doing and what types of ROI to expect. Relationships are the heart and soul of PR.

The new technologies

Most businesses aren’t optimized for the mobile web, and that’s a problem. We operate in a cross-platform world. Smartphones and tablets are taking over. If you’re not optimizing your site for mobile visitors, you are likely losing money. Learn how to craft a data-driven mobile approach.

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