New molecules against lung cancer.

New molecules against lung cancer

The lung cancer also called: Mesothelioma

The team of Dr. Janne of the Institute against cancer Brigham Hospital Boston has uncovered new molecules that can treat treatment-resistant forms of lung cancer.

The researchers performed tests on mice with non-small cell lung cancer. These types of cancer account for 70 to 80% of all lung cancers found: some carry a specific mutation leading to the production of a protein called epidermal growth factor (EGFR).

There are drugs capable of blocking the action of the receptors of this protein, but genetic mutations have been observed on certain tumors, giving rise to resistance to these treatments. The new molecules developed by Dr. Janne's team attack mutations while inhibiting the production of the protein. The researchers hope that these molecules will be better tolerated than the current inhibitory drugs. They must now prove the effectiveness of their discovery on a human scale but remain very optimistic about its potential.

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