How to make money on social networks

How to make money on social networks

Of the 7.357 billion people in the world and growing, there are more than 3.715 billion Internet users, so far, and of these 3.715 billion Internet users, 2.206 billion use social networks every single month.

With regard to the hexagon the number of Internet users in 2016 amounted to more than 55.4 million and more than 31 million active users on Facebook.

Some tips for successful monetization.

Write content

For starters, take the example of the world's most famous social network "Facebook", but these tips can be used on other social networks.

Create a page to talk about a topic that you are passionate about and that can interest a lot of people (to attract the most "Fans" and "Likes").

Make a presentation and attractive visuals (a page with eye-catching visuals and good presentation earns 30% more fans than others).

Some simple rules to attract readers:

Provide good regular content.

The goal of sharing articles or videos via social networks is to make readers want to buy your products, services or follow you.

For this, we must offer them rich content, varied and free, quality, post links, images and interesting updates regularly.

Be very active.

Occupy the market. To make money on Facebook, what is important are the numbers, more than anything else.

Since marketing on Facebook costs nothing but time!

Have the most fans

Add as many people as you can and ask your loved ones to do the same.

People, in general, start giving credit to a page from 10,000 fans, so the more you get, the more you will succeed in monetizing your page.

Share the link of your page on Facebook groups or forums and like pages dealing with similar topics, participate in the discussions on topics related to your theme.

How to turn your page into real money?

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  • Make money with affiliate advertising

An affiliate program pays you a certain percentage for each sale made after a click on your link.

Several sites offer affiliations programs (amazon, itunes, dropbox, etc.), they give you a unique code and marketing material, then pay you a commission based on the income you generate.

On average, the remuneration varies between 20 and 40% on the generated income, so do not hesitate to register on several programs at the same time.

- Have referrals

If your page is very popular and your posts federate many thousands of fans, you can offer companies to sponsor some of your posts that are in their interest.

You will be able to negotiate between 50 € and 200 € per post, according to the number, the engagement of fans and the popularity of your page.

- Sell services or products on Facebook

You can, thanks to Facebook, offer products for sale, a very good solution to earn money. You will be able to sell digital products, clothes, "trainings" or coaching.

The most important thing is to offer products that are found nowhere else or very little, not too expensive products.

Some Facebookers win from their shop on social networks, between 400 € and 800 €.

- Propose ebooks on your page

Some people are good at writing stories, tips, or suggesting ideas on a variety of topics. If you are interested in a subject, you can create ebooks, they are books on the internet.

For example, create an ebook on the best method to relax or how to change your look, that you propose to 5 €. This can be a significant source of income if you have many thousands of fans.

Social networks have become a real source of business that can make you earn money, you just have to understand the workings and apply good practices.

Convinced? So, get started! Good luck !

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