Greece: the sunken city of Zakynthos was not built by man.

Greece: the "sunken city" of Zakynthos was not built by man

No, this is not a capital or pillar of Greek antiquity. No, this is not a capital or column base of Greek antiquity.

Divers thought they had discovered an engulfed city in 2013 off the island of Zakynthos in Greece. Why not even Atlantis ... Las, it's all natural concretions that owe nothing to the hand of Man.

Columns, perhaps even capitals, discs dug in their center like donuts ... Discovering these elements 2 to 4 meters deep in the bay of Alikanas, off the island of Zakynthos, in In Greece, in 2013, snorkelers thought they had flushed out an old sunken city. But no doubt they had dreamed too much of Atlantis. Researchers dispatched to the field have indeed established that they were natural concretions, created by an underwater chemical reaction.

"The absence of pottery, pieces or decorative elements" was already a clue: the hand of the Man had nothing to do with this "city", notes the Guardian. But the elements discovered seemed well made of stone ... "The surface of these bizarre structures resembles stone," says Julian Andrews, professor at the University of East Anglia, co-author of the article published in the journal Marine and Petroleum Geology.

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