First successful uterine transplant.

First successful uterine transplant

This is a world first. At just 21 years old, a Turkish girl born without a uterus was able to benefit from the transplant of this organ of the female reproductive system, at Akdeniz University Hospital, near Antalya, in southern Turkey. According to the doctors who operated, the transplantation would have succeeded perfectly.

In the graft race, a new milestone has been reached in Turkey. After transplanting the hands, arms, and face, now is the turn of the female genital tract. This is not the first time this type of operation is attempted. In 2000, surgeons in Saudi Arabia tried to transplant the uterus of a live donor to a young woman. If the surgery had gone well, less than 100 days later, the doctors had found that the transplant was not successful.

Ömer Özkan and Münire Erman Akar, two of the doctors who supervised the transplantation of the womb of a deceased donor to the young Turk, believe they have been able to remedy the main problem that led to the failure of the transplant in Saudi Arabia. Indeed, it was possible for them to take more tissue around the uterus, and thus, not to have a vein too short for the anastomosis. For now, the operation seems a success: the tissue is alive and no rejection has been found. However, surgeons remain cautious and believe that we must wait to see if the young woman can carry a child to be sure that the transplant is a success.

Case to follow ...

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