Disinfectants make bacteria resistant.

Disinfectants make bacteria resistant

Researchers at the University of Galway have discovered that disinfectants tend to increase antibiotic resistance.

The researchers were interested in the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa or pyocyanic bacillus. It is responsible for many nosocomial infections and appears highly resistant to antiseptic products. It causes a lot of infections all over the body. The bacteria has been put in front of a series of disinfectant products, used in hospitals and homes. The researchers found that it resisted these products but also antibiotics.

Disinfecting products would indeed promote the emergence of bacteria even more resistant to antibiotics.For Dr. Fleming, head of the study, this discovery is very worrying because the bacteria are resistant to antibiotics without having been put in contact with them. He now wants to expand his field of research to other types of disinfectants, to understand the process of natural resistance developed by bacteria.

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