Cannabis increases the risk of mental illness.

Cannabis increases the risk of mental illness

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Sustainable cannabis consumption increases the risk of mental illnesses such as psychosis, visual or auditory hallucinations and delusions, according to an Australian study published Monday in the United States.

Researchers from the University of Queensland's brain research institute surveyed 3,800 young people in their twenties about cannabis use and the occurrence of possible mental disorders.

Just over 14% said they had been using cannabis for six years or more. The study found that these young people were twice as likely to suffer from psychoses as schizophrenia than those who never used them.

Their risk of being hallucinated is also twice as high and that of delusions four times higher.

"The link is very clear between consumption and the three disorders studied: the longer we consume cannabis, the higher the risk of unwanted effects," write the authors of the study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

The latter recognize, however, that it is difficult to say whether these mental disorders precede or are the consequence of the consumption of narcotics. "The relationship is complex," they note.

"Individuals with isolated psychotic symptoms are more likely to start using cannabis, which in turn may increase their risk of psychotic disorders," the study said.

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