Bodybuilding: an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis?

Bodybuilding: an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis?

According to a new study, the practice of sport would not be harmful to people suffering from multiple sclerosis, on the contrary.

For a long time, doctors have recommended that patients with multiple sclerosis avoid activities that are too physical. Finally, scientists from the University of Aarhus have discovered that contrary to these popular beliefs, sport is beneficial in the fight against the disease. The study focused on 38 people suffering from multiple sclerosis. Half of them muscled their legs during intensive training twice a week, the others avoided sports activities. The researchers have opted for bodybuilding because it is, par excellence, the ideal sport to strengthen muscles.

It turned out that sports activities, even very intense, strengthened the muscle mass of patients. Those who played sports for twelve weeks walked 12% faster, got up 28% faster from their chairs, and could go 12% more than patients who did not play sports.Moreover, contrary to beliefs , sport helps fight against fatigue and keep fit. As a result, patients are less exhausted and mood less moody, they gain mobility and are more inclined to fight against the disease.This study would allow patients to improve their condition by avoiding other drug treatments heavy. However, this therapy is not valid for the more advanced stages of the disease, for which the data are too scarce.

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