50 business ideas to launch in the next few years part 8

36. One-minute races

The French start-up Jow has developed an application that offers customized weekly menus, with recipes presented in the form of video. Launched in April 2018, this service also makes it possible to automatically convert recipes into a shopping list on a partner's online store, in this case Monoprix. Delivery is included. The application is free, the start-up taking a commission on the shopping cart generated.

Frank Gerritzen: "In the same vein as HelloFresh, delivery less. This is an interesting and well-targeted trend: Consumers want to cook healthy products that have not been processed, but do not want to waste hours in the stores. I think there is a future for this kind of application, but we must keep in mind that there is no intellectual property to defend and that our Migros and Coop will quickly copy the idea ... as soon as it's successful! "

37. Top of the range spices at home   The brand Ankerkraut was born in Germany in 2013. It sells on the internet spices prepared without preservatives or flavor enhancers. The consumer can choose between classic spices or blends presented in a jar with a refined design. The condiments are divided into several categories: those intended for cooking, grilling or baking. Ankerkraut also concocts a whole range of spices intended to be drunk, like a tea.

David Davinroy: "Spices are particularly appreciated by Swiss people who like to cook at home. The bottles are well presented, which would probably encourage consumers to buy. However, it should be taken into account that the consumption of spices is rather slow. The concept could be boosted by offering subscriptions for example. It is also important to consider that e-commerce does not work as well in Switzerland as in other countries. It's an interesting idea, but one that I think will benefit from being combined with an already existing concept. "

38. Creating B2B podcasts

Content productions in the form of podcasts are multiplying. The American company Sweet Fish Media demonstrates that a podcast can also be used as a promotional tool for potential customers. The company promises time and efficiency by creating custom podcasts.

Frank Gerritzen: "Amortizing the production of a podcast on a very small number of customers is a challenge, it should at least attack the European market. That said, an approach by another form of media is interesting. It is important to know the preferred communication channel of your customers and their ability to take the time to listen. The density of information on a channel such as listening is not at all the same as in writing, and time is what everyone misses ... "

39. Digital tools and wellness tips

Improving the well-being of Londoners is the mission of the Good Thinking digital platform. "From managing your anxiety to meeting like-minded people, whatever your needs, we want to help you find them," says his homepage. The initiative, launched by the City of London and the National Health Service, provides support for people with insomnia, depression, anxiety and stress. To do this, the user chooses one of the four themes and then answers an online questionnaire. On the basis of its answers, the platform will give a top 5 of the best possible supports: other mobile application, link to specific national health services, etc. All solutions proposed by Good Thinking are free for Londoners.

Sandy Wetzel: "This initiative is necessary because it not only provides support for those who are suffering, but it also provides a form of public recognition of these problems. In this sense, such a project in Switzerland would be welcome. However, I regret the lack of depth of the questions and solutions. "

40. Wedding planner online

  A wedding is often an organizational marathon. Between the choice of venue, clothing and menu, many providers must be contacted. The Berlin start-up Foreverly wants to make this task easier. She has created an online platform where brides and grooms can get in touch with more than 4,500 providers. The free service also exists as a mobile application that includes for example a "to do list" and a schedule for the budget. In addition, Foreverly publishes an online magazine that discusses topics around the theme of marriage. The start-up is financed by the advertising space on its website that it sells to service providers. It claims more than 70,000 visitors per month.

Pico Lantini: "It's a service that illustrates the potential of integrated service offerings around a particular moment in life. Beyond the presence of advertisers, valuation strategy already well known for two decades, I think this type of platform can bring very relevant data to long-term service providers - such as insurers, for example . They can find a real interest because they reason in "lifetime value" contacts so established, so in a long-term perspective, and could fund all or part of the platform. In addition, there are about 40,000 weddings every year in Switzerland ... which is a good volume of contacts! "

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