50 business ideas to launch in the next few years part 7

31. Express repair of cyberattacks

Last year, a third of Swiss SMEs suffered a computer attack, according to a study by the gfs Zurich Institute. A phenomenon that is also observed abroad, and often affects the website. In the United Kingdom, SharkGate offers a service that guarantees the free repair in one hour of a website, in exchange for a subscription to a computer protection.

Caroline Coquerel: "SharkGate combines a very interesting approach and diverse facets of our ecosystem: collective intelligence and global collaboration, new technologies and artificial intelligence, analogy with the human immune defense mode and business model innovation. In Switzerland and at Fongit, such a project would certainly find collaborations and technologies that would be useful for this activity. "

32. On-site bicycle maintenance

  An interesting service for electric bikes. © DR Established in France, Cyclofix offers a cycle repair service that travels to users. Favoring soft mobility, the offer includes the change of the inner tube in the event of a puncture, the adjustment of brakes and speeds or a complete overhaul of the equipment. Equally competent on e-bikes, the company sends its repairers on request to Paris, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille and Lyon. These support services can also be requested via a mobile application.

Jörg Beckmann: "In my opinion it would be interesting to specialize in assistance for e-bikes. With their engine, these machines require a new type of maintenance. Another track to follow in connection with this idea: the bike sharing, because the purchase of an electric bike remains quite expensive.

33. Embedded and connected advertising

Advertising is available on all media, and even on water bottles. The French start-up Ads On Board aims to connect advertisers and users of taxis, VTC and shuttles. To do this, the company distributes bottles with QR codes or advertising.

Frank Gerritzen: "You can see advertising on the backs of chairlifts, cable car towers and aircraft seats, why not on bottled water? It is important to be seen most often and for as long as possible. By cons, the support is not particularly upscale, so does not lend itself to luxury products or services. And if you have to scan the QR code to see what it's about, there's not going to be a lot of trouble for me, let alone the target audience. "

34. The social network of childcare

  Keeping your child for a few hours is often a headache for parents. © DR Keeping your child for a few hours is often a headache for parents. Three Berlin entrepreneurs have found a solution by launching the SitEinander mobile app this year. Thanks to this one, the parents can build a network between them to organize the child care. To ensure the balance between the parents, each guard performed allows to accumulate "points". The latter then serve as good to be able to benefit from a guard. The start-up has just completed a crowdfunding campaign that will enable it to become known throughout Germany (currently, the application is used in Berlin). The service is free - eventually, the start-up will offer premium paid subscriptions to finance itself.

Markus Binggeli: "In Switzerland, many neighbors and families organize themselves via platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp for different types of activities. The advantage of SitEinander is that all interactions concerning childcare are centralized. On the other hand, the Swiss market may be too small for such an application. For this to work, many parents have to choose this system at the expense of other free ones like WhatsApp. "

35. Simplified machine learning

The growing use of artificial intelligence in the business world is causing a shortage of talent. To meet this challenge, the South Korean company XBrain is relying on a turnkey solution that allows neophytes to access the benefits of automated data analysis. Called Daria, the cloud platform is adaptable to different industrial sectors.

Caroline Coquerel: "Given the difficulty of finding expert profiles in these areas and given the strong growing demand, this type of tool could find its audience in a high-tech oriented country such as ours. It is perfectly in line with the emergence of these new tools and applications, allowing non-expert audiences to take ownership of topics that are sometimes perceived as complex. "

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