50 business ideas to launch in the next few years part 6

26. An intelligent irrigation system

Agriculture uses nearly 70% of the water drawn from groundwater and rivers. To reduce its impact, the Italian start-up Bluetentacles is developing a system that allows crops to be irrigated only when necessary. The solution developed by the company aims to connect existing equipment to artificial intelligence online, which continuously analyzes climate data and soil moisture.

Caroline Coquerel: "This project brings together strong trends in Switzerland too: our concern for an increasingly critical resource in our country and our research to use less and better thanks to new technologies. More and more start-ups are appearing in Switzerland around agritech and foodtech. Such a project will find on our territory at the same time competition, partners and market in strong evolution. "

27. Creating localized videos

In the age of social networks, video communication is still gaining importance, including for SMEs. The American platform SmartShoot surfs this trend via its site which allows to find worldwide a video artist or a professional photographer in a few clicks, and thus order unpublished content at an attractive price.

Caroline Coquerel: "In other areas, projects are developing with similar models, combining global platform and enhancement of local actors, such as Batmaid (household professionals), Buildigo (artisans), MagicTomato (local products delivered on same day). These examples show the usefulness of these global platforms to, on the contrary, promote local businesses and activities. In terms of video or photo offerings, two parallel trends are developing: projects such as this one, to find qualified professionals or ergonomic tools to make high quality videos and content yourself. "

28. Custom dog food

London start-up Tails specializes in creating custom menus for our four-legged friends. The owner of a dog communicates to the company, on his website, the gastronomic preferences and food allergies of his animal. Tails makes him perfectly adapted dishes, delivered home once a month. Food preparations can be changed, on request, at any time. It takes between 12 and 40 francs per month, depending on the complexity of the recipe. Tails also provides advice and features for the health of dogs (care of hair, teeth, etc.).

Hilary Murphy: "Some people view their pet as a family member and spoil it as they would with any other loved one. Americans spend $ 70 billion a year on their pets. In the United States, clothing offers, spa treatments, weddings and pet vacations appear. "

29. Free meal (served with a little pub)

Based in New York, Lunchspread has launched an unprecedented restaurant promotion service: groups of employees can place a free tasting order, pledging to complete a survey. The delivery is accompanied by a presentation of the restaurant.

Raphaël Conz: "This business model - being able to define your profile and receive personalized offers - is interesting, whereas at TripAdvisor, for example, the customer has to search the site for defined evaluation criteria. Yes, why not push an offer for local restaurants to reach a local target audience. Both are winners: for the consumer, it is a system based on his own interest, from his profile, and for the small restaurant, it is direct marketing at lower cost. But this solution should expand and not concern only the geographical area where one has his office, where one takes his lunch break. Because employees are more and more nomadic, they move from city to city. In my opinion, this platform should therefore take into account the nomadism of urban employees. "

30. Poshtel, the upscale youth hostel

  Contraction posh ("chic") and hostel ("hostel"), the concept Poshtel offers a new form of tourist accommodation. The Freehand channel, for example, offers five US cities comfortable rooms and suites, at comfortable prices (between $ 300 and $ 400 a night), while providing a backpacker atmosphere. Intended for a rather young clientele, the establishments put on the program evenings, workshops with local artists, all this combined with a restoration of great chefs and a welcome worthy of the name.

Hilary Murphy: "This type of stay makes it easier to integrate guests into the local community - especially those who are looking for authentic tours - with a focus on entertainment, art and culture. Nevertheless, the success of such an experience requires specific skills to federate groups and give a sense of belonging and authenticity, so dear to younger generations of travelers. "

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