50 business ideas to launch in the next few years part 5

22. Sell your car in four clicks

The French company EffyCar is committed to selling used vehicles in less than a month. After this lapse of time, if a car is not sold, the company buys it back from the individual who put it on sale. Targeted market: high-end models. To sell your car, the service offered to individuals includes a quote, a free inspection of the car and the management of administrative aspects. For buyers, the vehicle is renovated before being delivered home with a year of assistance and mechanical warranty.

Jörg Beckmann: "Overall, anything that makes life easier for owners and drivers of vehicles is good. This type of service is starting to emerge in Switzerland, the smallest structures that would like to enter this segment must take this into account. But there are of course still places to be taken in this market. "

23. Luxury Smoke Shop

In the United States, the development of the legal cannabis market has given rise to designer stores. © DR With the development of the legal cannabis market, Lazydaze Co. wanted to reinvent the traditional smoky shop, taking inspiration from the design of the American apparel brand Urban Outfitters and the quality of store services like Macy's. The company sells not only legal marijuana, hemp-related accessories or products, but also decorative items and clothing. It also has a space reserved for coffee or hemp tea, with the possibility of smoking. Lazydaze Co. has deployed in several cities in Texas, but also in North Carolina, Ohio, Colorado, Nevada and Australia.

Frank Gerritzen: "We are dealing here with a chain of specialized businesses, whose success depends on the popularity of the product, the size of the market, the location of the stalls and many, many marketing. In itself, there is nothing that prevents such an initiative from succeeding, if not the size of the Swiss market and the popularity of cannabis ... Fashion effect? Remember, twenty-five years ago, there were countless stores selling cell phones. Mobilezone is the only one who really survived today ... "

24. Collaborative enterprise canteen

Chicken tajine, chili con carne or moussaka prepared at home before delivery to the workplace: the start-up foodtech French Avekapeti innovates by making the link between eccentric companies and amateur chefs. Meals, made from fresh produce, are delivered in a few clicks by the individuals themselves. In two years of existence, the company has delivered more than 15,000 meals made by 800 different chefs.

Cyril Déléaval .: "The highlight of this idea is the home-made aspect and the varied meal offer offered to employees of companies on the sidelines, who have access to a limited choice . In terms of challenges, there are the issues of hygiene, delivery and regulation to check. There would be a market study to be done on smaller cities like La Chaux-de-Fonds. "

25. Brewing of custom beers   Which beer lover has not dreamed of creating his own beverage? Rather than cluttering with a brewing kit and experimenting alone at home, it's better to surround yourself with connoisseurs and enjoy a convivial moment. In Paris, the Beer Factory offers workshops to support learners, from the choice of their recipe to the customization of their bottles. They leave with 15 liters of their craft beer. Nothing like to impress his family! It takes 160 euros for two people, the workshop for four hours.

Hilary Murphy: "One can imagine applying this concept to events such as music festivals, sporting events or weddings, with the labeling remaining as a memory of the moment in question. However, the craft beer market is becoming more crowded. This concept can be considered for most customers as a unique experience. The challenge would be to build a sustainable beers business. "

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