50 business ideas to launch in the next few years part 4

6. Mobile charging of electric vehicles

  A solution to bring power directly to mobile consumers. © DR In Germany, the boom in the electric vehicle market prompted Ubitricity to develop a solution to bring power directly to mobile consumers. The company has developed with Siemens a portable charging cable that can be connected to terminals installed in the city. Also active in the United Kingdom, Ubitricity has close to 300 terminals in the London area. A connected mobile application makes it possible to follow in real time its electrical consumption to make its payments.

Jörg Beckmann: "This innovation is clearly in line with the current trend in mobility. In Switzerland, the 800 companies active in the field of electricity are almost all seeking to join the new market for electric vehicles. Their challenge: to achieve partnership with cities and the big groups that manage the network."

17. Simplified agri-food transactions

Founded by two former farmers, the Australian start-up AgriDigital is developing an offer that simplifies transactions throughout the production and sales chain of agri-food products. Using blockchain technology, it eliminates the tedious and repetitive steps of writing and sending contracts.

Caroline Coquerel: "This project is part of the trend of start-ups of foodtech and agritech. This Australian project seems geared towards a specific type of farmers (in terms of area, products and a certain volume of production). To adapt it to our territory, it would be important to study the adequacy between the target audiences of this tool and the structuring of our agricultural world, through a market study and partners who know the field very well. "

18. Airbnb for older homeowners

With age, the family nest is empty. The American company Silvernest offers seniors a solution to facilitate the rental of a room in their home. A web platform links owners and potential tenants. The approach aims to fight against the loneliness of seniors, but also to provide them some money. The structure also supports the owner in his administrative and financial procedures. Already available in sixteen cities, the device is expected to expand in New York, Boston and Seattle in the near future.

Hilary Murphy: "Many baby boomers are reaching retirement age. Some want company, others need income. This is an interesting opportunity for many of them. It would be great if the device could filter and match potential candidates, because seniors are vulnerable. There should be a trial period for long stays, as well as an easy exit clause for both parties in case of culture shock! "

19. Loyalty card on tablet

No more numerous loyalty cards that accumulate in drawers or wallets! This is the idea of ​​Spoqa, a South Korean start-up who installs tablets in shops, restaurants or cafes. Touchscreens allow customers to enter their phone number and earn loyalty points without having to install a mobile app or have a loyalty card. The company boasts more than 12 million users in South Korea and 10,000 partners.

Frank Gerritzen: "The idea is appealing to make life easier for customers and, for the shopkeeper, to build loyalty. The devil is hiding in detail however: the complexity will be to reach his goal with the least amount of manipulation and time possible. Look at Twint, the Swiss bank payment application, which is struggling to take off. It is much easier to take out a credit card than to open the Twint app, turn on Bluetooth, approve the payment (relatively long). In this kind of service, the customer must earn something other than points, in this case time or money. "

20. Sell outdoor extreme online   Save hours of searching time to customers wanting to indulge in a sensational outdoor activity. This service has been set up online by the French agency Adrenaline Hunter. Launched in 2016, the website of this start-up is a global catalog of extreme activities that brings together 6101 services offered by 2322 partners in 88 countries. Translated into three languages, the portal compares the offers of several worlds: water, air, snow, earth and urban. It allows thrill hunters to book the right activity, in the right place and with a trusted provider.

Etienne Languetin: "The French speaking clientele of outdoor activities does not hesitate to use foreign platforms. This global competition can hinder the creation of a local company in this sector. Except by placing in a niche: existing sites rarely offer a complete package for someone who would like to do, for example, a week of sensational activities. Perhaps it's in the creation of these activity-accommodation-travel packages that there is a market. "

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