50 business ideas to launch in the next few years part 3

11. Invest in trees

Reconciling sustainable development and profitability: this virtuous credo is EcoTree's. To put it into practice, this French start-up buys or plants forests and maintains them at its expense. She remunerates herself by proposing an atypical investment to her clients: becoming the owner of one or more trees that will grow in value. The investor recovers his stake on the sale of the wood when the trees will be wooded. Since 2016, this company has raised more than 1 million euros and planted 56,300 trees in Brittany. A forest that has absorbed the equivalent of CO2 emissions of 2840 flights Paris-New York.

Eric Plan: "In Switzerland, the exploitation of the forests remains expensive and the rare available grounds. Unlike the French model, here, the return on investment would be low and long. On the other hand, this idea is transposed into a corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach. A start-up could propose to "renaturer" or reinforce the biodiversity of spaces by using the funds of companies wishing to achieve their CSR objectives.

12. High-end mobile toilets

Do you dream of getting married in the meadows of New England? For this unique day, which you imagine perfect in every way, do not neglect the health aspect. Massachusetts-based ElizaJ offers high-end mobile toilet rentals, including the most complete models in small caravans, including cloth napkins, fragrant flower bouquets, and cosmetic baskets. This hotel-style service will relieve guests who are anxious to lift their taffeta dress outdoors. Eliza J. Kendall's company offers its services to private clients as well as event organizers and caterers.

Pascal Bourgier: "Despite a strong receptivity to the notion of comfort in Switzerland, we spend less time in the outdoor community than Americans, for example, followers of the weekly sacred barbecue. To this limit is added the exiguity of the market. I could imagine an international variation for this service but, in this case, expensive Swiss made would be another barrier. "

13. Gourmet vegan burgers   Fast food for vegetarians and vegans. © DR Fast food for vegetarians and vegans? This is the challenge of this New York restaurant, which has been serving for some years the great classics of this type of vegetable diet. Superiority Burger applies to concoct variations around the burger, wraps or pizza. The burger's beef steak is then bartered against a mixture of quinoa, carrots, nuts and spices, while the chicken fillet of the wrap leaves room for a slice of tofu.

David Davinroy: "The idea of ​​a vegetarian restaurant that offers classic fast food dishes seems to meet a real demand. More and more people in Switzerland are adjusting their eating habits and are attracted to vegetarian cuisine. The vegetarian offer is still relatively light. The advantage of such an institution is, in my view, the fact that it could also attract the attention of people who do not follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. "

14. Pop-up express store

Fashion, furniture or design objects: the ephemeral store concept has been very successful in recent years, focusing on consumer surprise and entertainment. The Storefront start-up aims to facilitate the rental and the provision of spaces that can accommodate this type of shop.

Raphaël Conz: "It's a good concept for some products that are suitable for this type of sales. But I fear that the size of the Swiss market is not enough, except in Zurich and Geneva. On the other hand, Storefront could add these two cities as well as others (Lausanne, Bern, Lugano ...) to its international catalog. The pop-up connects to well-targeted urban areas. "

15. Culinary tasting kits

Try before you buy is the motto of Try Food, which offers online various tasting kits of gourmet products. Olive oil, vinegar, pepper or gin can be ordered in small formats, accompanied by a descriptive booklet, to test which product is the best. Customers can then purchase their favorite product in larger quantities from the brand's website.

David Davinroy: "I think the Swiss people like the idea of ​​trying a product before they venture out. However, the approach is relatively demanding in my opinion. The consumer must go first to the site to order the kit, then a second time as soon as the favorite product is chosen. But the presentation and packaging offered by the brand are really successful, making it an ideal gift. It would be necessary to adjust the concept in order to overcome the punctual consumption and find a way to make it work more everyday. "

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