The 13 Illuminati Families who secretly rule the World.

About 1% of the world’s population (the elite) control the other 99% of the population (us). It was Fritz Springmeier who shed light on these elitist bloodlines.

We have always been educated to trust the media, the politicians, and yet they only lie to us and use us to achieve their ends.

These purebred lineages – they always breed with each other to keep their lineage intact – believe they are direct descendants of the ancient gods, and consider them to be deserving of rule on Earth.

These 13 families are:

the Rothschilds (Bauer or Bower)
the bruces
the Cavendish / Kennedy
the De Medici
the Hanover
the Hapsbourgs
the Krupps
the Plantagenets
the Rockefellers
the Romanovs
the Sinclair / St. Clear
the Warburgs (del Banco)
and the Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)

You probably know some of them, thanks to the history you were taught in school.
Other lineages are related to these 13 families, although they are hierarchically below them. These are the Merovingians, the Astors, the DuPonts, and the Onassis. We also find the Bush families (from the Roman emperors and pharaohs) and Clinton.

The Rothschild family is the most powerful of all, and controls the 13 families, in particular thanks to their enormous wealth (approximately 500 000 billion dollars, the largest fortune on the planet, well beyond Bill Gates). The Rothschild family (with Jacob de Rothschild at the head) controls almost all the banks.

The supervisory bodies of the 13 families

The 13 families keep us under their yoke thanks to the great institutions they have developed, and which are legally untouchable. These institutions function like states, inside other states. We have for example:

Vatican City, which is not part of Italy
The City of London, which is not part of the United Kingdom
The Federal Reserve, which is not part of the United States
Washington, D.C., which is not part of the United States either

No court of law or other legal institution in the world is capable of bringing them to justice. In other words, they are above everything.

Current secret societies, such as the Illuminati (at the very top of the pyramid), the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, the Freemasonic lodges – Grand Orient de France, Ordo Templorum Orientalis -, Skull & Bones, Priory of Zion, etc. -, the Fabian Society, Bohemian Grove, and many others, are run by the Council of 13 Families, and serve the interests of large multinationals.

The Illuminati pyramid and the secret societies they control

Although members of secret societies serve the 13 families, they are not part of them, and they do not know their real masters or their Machiavellian plans. They are just pawns, who certainly have a more important role than ours, but who are even more manipulated than us.

It is a technique that is deeply rooted in our society, much appreciated by ruling families, and which allows them to keep us docile.

Education is one of their tools: they create free schools / universities, where they force pupils / students to memorize lots of things without appealing to their discernment or their own way of thinking. In short, one-size-fits-all education creates a single stream of mainstream thought, and prevents students from using critical thinking to challenge the system.
In addition, this educational system is obsolete, because it is very expensive to maintain while we are in the age of the internet, which gives us access to everything we want to know, most of the time for free, like here, on Seekers of Truths. Fortunately, some countries still manage to build an education system, such as Finland, but they are becoming increasingly rare.

The money
Another very powerful tool they have in hand is money. Money is power, because it can buy anything and (almost) anyone. How many people have started working in order to be able to afford a certain lifestyle, only to find themselves a slave to their work, a slave to money, for the security it provides? Or rather, a semblance of security. Common sense will tell you this, or you just have to remember the financial crises, especially the one of 1929. It was not financial security that kept companies from going bankrupt and people from going bankrupt. ‘be ruined.

The word “health” doesn’t mean much these days. We are content with a health system that only heals our symptoms and physical ailments, without ever getting to the bottom of the problem.
However, at the beginning of the 20th century, the medicine that still took precedence was natural medicine: on was treated with plants, homeopathy, sport, etc.
Then the Rockefellers infiltrated education, particularly the field of medicine, in the United States, which gradually marked the end of natural medicine, which had worked very well.

It’s no secret – except, perhaps, those who live in a cave with no access to technology and information – the media is controlled by those who run the financial system. This is why the media never bring up such subjects – except in Russia: As soon as someone brings up a disturbing subject on television or radio, they are silenced very quickly, and in general, we no longer see the person on the set.

Another word that carries a strange consonance. It is difficult to see where justice still persists in this world, everything is so corrupt.
The law tends more to subjugate peoples than to grant them rights. When was the last political reform that benefited us? The ruling elite sees us as cash cows, thanks to which they carry on their flamboyant lifestyle, while the people growl at the gates of the Elysee Palace.
We can imagine them saying to us: “Wait a little longer before we kick us out, we are still celebrating with your tax money. Come on, health! ”

Many people still believe in politics, and continue to believe, with every election, that someone will be able to make a difference and serve the interests of their fellow citizens. They always make the same mistake, going to vote, and thinking that the new president will make a difference.
It’s still very naïve and simplistic to hope that one person can make a difference for us, by receiving our vote. Presidents, like most politicians, are caught in a vise, that of the financial markets. As long as people continue to vote, and delegate power to other people, the system will endure.

The institutions
There are many, starting with the United Nations. Do they really give us the impression that the nations are united? The world is torn apart on all sides, blacks against whites, rich against poor, Christians against Muslims, police against demonstrators, etc. Everything is done to turn us against each other, under the simple pretext that we are different. Would the world be a better place to live if we were all the same?

These institutions are just pawns that were put in place to make us believe that the situation is being taken care of, when it is not at all.

Fortunately, people, like you, are educating themselves as to who is reading this article. Questioning the system is a good start, and looking for answers to its questions is already a big step towards freedom. All you have to do is continue to educate yourself, and regain your sovereignty.
Now that all the groupings acting against the interests of humanity are slowly being exposed, we can be sure that they will not achieve their final goal: the establishment of a New World Order. As ample evidence indicates, this elite is being dismantled, in order to be brought to justice:

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