Our examination of the events surrounding the “COVID-19 pandemic” raised several questions which remained unanswered. On October 18, 2019, just weeks before the zero point was officially declared in Wuhan, China, two major protests were taking place: “Event 201” and the “Military World Games”, the latter held in Wuhan. That day marked the start of a global vaccination and biometric tracking campaign.

At the forefront of this initiative is Bill Gates, who has publicly stated that he wants to “reduce population growth” by 10-15% through vaccination. Gates, UNICEF and WHO have already been the subject of credible accusations of intentional sterilization of Kenyan children by the use of an HCG antigen concealed in tetanus vaccines.

Congress and all of the governing bodies will be considered negligent until a thorough and public inquiry is made.

The event 201 targeted by the petition was that of the simulation of a coronavirus pandemic that would decimate 65 million people in 6 months. It foreshadowed the pandemic of the “Chinese virus” which had hit the world 3 months later. This simulation, whose videos are available here, was jointly organized at the Pierre Hotel in New York by the Gates Foundation, the John Hopkins Center for Public Health and the World Economic Forum. The exercise lasted 3.5 hours.

Event 201 was just missing a small 0 for the analogy to be complete with the fateful year of 2001 when humanity suddenly fell into another world, becoming far more perilous and terrifying.

They had specified there that the center for health security and its partners had “not made prediction” during their exercise, that they had expressly declared it and that they were satisfied to “model” a pandemic fictitious coronavirus: “We do not currently expect the nCoV-2019 epidemic to kill 65 million people,” they said. What a relief !…

Despite these reassurances, another page of the site revealed that the virus being simulated was called n-CoV, a name that seemed to be mistaken for that given to the “Wuhan virus” in January 2020.

Last February, the newspaper Le Monde, which has been police on the web for some time, had seen fit to fly to the aid of Bill Gates, ensuring that the suspicions hanging over him were only “information” The virus also was not the same, but another specimen of the large family of “coronas”.

Infox, not so sure. Dr. Deborah Birx of President Trump’s anti-Covid-19 team had a revealing slip two days ago on the set of CNN, a press organ devoted to the globalist agenda, by letting it slip that for the tracing of suspected carriers of the virus, we would use “Gates criteria”. She immediately bit her tongue: “the criteria of the federal government”.

Last night, CNN organized a big debate on the Covid-19 theme… to change things up a bit. The irremovable Dr. Sanjay Gupta, his medical correspondent, was hype around a “promising” drug for the virus we were testing, Remdesivir:

“It does not provide healing, but it is a start. Normally, the patient is on his feet in 15 days, while with this drug, in only 11 days. One might think that 4 days is not is not much, but it is not negligible either. ”

A reduction of the order of 4 days out of 15, this makes a ratio of less than 30%. Dr. Raoult’s treatment, which offered recovery times divided by three, an improvement of 300%, had been rejected by the FDA as being ineffective or even dangerous. The FDA or Food and Drug Agency.

The danger factor, however, seemed to melt like snow in the sun when it came to vaccination.

Dr. Fauci, head of Trump’s anti-Covid 19 team and guest of this great debate, confirmed that a vaccine was in sight by January 2021. This date at least 6 months ahead of schedule was tight enough to validly conduct the necessary reliability tests, according to CNN “experts”. But there was general agreement on the set that we had to agree to give up a “small” share of security because of the urgency of vaccinating people to avoid a massacre.

Bill Gates, the distinguished guest, embarked on one of his usual disaster scenarios, forcefully gesturing with his clenched hands above his head or in front of his grinning face. In his whiny, nasal voice, he spent his 45-minute airtime explaining that he was planning another “exponential” epidemic that was likely to follow the deconfinement of the states and negate any benefits.

A petition sent to the White House on April 10 to investigate the “crimes against humanity and poor medical practices” of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has already collected the considerable number of 468,548 signatures, which continues to climb due to 1000 new signatures per hour. This is almost five times the number required for an official White House response, expected for the June 10 deadline.

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