Here’s how governments manipulate us

This post is neither conspiratorial, nor partisan, nor controversial. It is just intended to arouse critical thinking and make you think (for those who are still equipped!)

When, as a “basic” citizen, you are thus tossed about by contradictory information, without any way of knowing who is telling the truth, it is the sign that you are in danger, according to the philosopher Hannah Arendt, survivor of Nazism and specialist in totalitarian systems.

How the truth is sacrificed

According to Hannah Arendt, totalitarian regimes take “total” power over individuals by showering them with contradictory information, until they have no way of knowing where the truth is.
Under Hitler, under Stalin, she explains, the citizen never knew what sauce he was going to be eaten. Government propaganda was not simply to lie to citizens, telling them huge “bribes”, which could easily have been denounced.

No, it was much more subtle and effective than that.

To genuinely prevent any debate, to get citizens to be totally discouraged, to stop trying to understand, to think, and therefore to lose all means of acting and resisting, the state media placed them under a continuous deluge of contradictory information, mixing the true and the false until no one could know in good faith what to think:
• “We win the war!”,
• “We lose the war!”
• “The rations will be increased!”
• “The rations will be reduced!”
• “The economy is growing!”
• “We will have to work more!”
• “You can go out without authorization!”
• “The controls will be tightened!”

To add to the confusion, the authorities no longer spoke with one voice, but on the contrary via a crowd of spokespersons, of which it was impossible to know which carried the “true” word of the State.

That’s exactly what we’re going through today, and that’s why there is such tension in our minds.

It’s normal.

It is not your fault if you do not understand anything, if you are tossed between friends, neighbors, journalists, bloggers or even “youtubers” who, each have their opinion which seems valid, while being incompatible with each other.

It is the logical result of government communication which introduces confusion and contradictions everywhere.

Because, if you are in good faith, it has already been several weeks since you have no way of knowing what to reasonably think of the situation.

If, at the end of this message, you have a headache, and want to go out for a walk to think of something else, tell yourself that this is exactly the effect sought by the authorities of totalitarian countries when they knock out their citizens under a deluge of information, counter-information, re-information: get the resistance networks to divide. Let the citizens be discouraged. Let criticism become impossible. Let the action, the reaction, the revolt, lose their meaning.

As there is no longer any truth, there is no longer any reality. You feel like you are fighting against mills spinning in all directions. You understand that reading, speaking, thinking, no longer makes any sense because we can think everything and its opposite, depending on the sources we choose, and which are themselves constantly evolving.

It was the sad situation of many countries in the XXth century, which we hoped not to reproduce the errors in the XXIst: “When everyone is lying to you all the time, the result is not that you believe these lies but that no one believes anything anymore. A people who can no longer believe anything can not form an opinion. He is deprived not only of his ability to act but also of his ability to think and judge. And, with such a people, you can do whatever you want, ” said Hannah Arendt.

To meditate.

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