This is the boss of the WHO: a former Marxist-Leninist supposedly guided by the Chinese

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed people around the world to the discovery that WHO is a shady organization, strangely linked to communist China. But the mainstream French press has devoted too little time to the frightening curriculum vitae of its Managing Director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

At the WHO General Assembly on Monday, it is time to take a close look at the case of this much more dangerous man than we think. FL24 tells you everything. Hang on, it shakes.

As you probably know, Tedros is the man who recommended that states contain people, as Xi Jinping was already doing in China. A recommendation that Macron blindly followed.

When Taiwan alerted the world that the solution to the coronavirus was not containment, but the generalization of masks, Tedros used all his power to silence this notoriously anti-communist little country, and enemy of Xi Jinping. As the pandemic spread, Tedros never stopped supporting the deceptive and cynical policies of the Chinese Communist Party, and even today he sings the praises of Xi Jinping whenever he has them. ‘opportunity.

Meanwhile, lucid and courageous, Donald Trump slammed the door of the WHO and announced that the United States would no longer finance it. With support from Australia, Washington has decided to investigate Tedros’s actions. Macron prohibited France from participating in this investigation, officially bringing our country into the camp of tyrannies.

But that’s not all, far from it. Because ex-doctor, ex-Minister of Health and Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Director General of WHO since May 23, 2017, Tedros is a member of an organization of the far left, the People’s Liberation Front du Tigray, who financed, with the support of China, his election as head of the WHO.

This hard-line Marxist-Leninist party, officially designated by the United States Department of State as a terrorist organization, has brought terror to arms, ruled in Ethiopia, by repressing all opposition by mass executions and by eliminating journalists. The great Ethiopian journalist in exile Abebe Gellaw, who works for the Wall Street Journal and others, says that Tedros was one of the leaders of this party “ultimately responsible for all corruption, murders, torture, mass detention , land grabbing or displacement ”in Ethiopia. In short: an assassin.

And we come to the crux of the problem, which concerns us all: the links between this African communist and Chinese communism. The big Swiss daily Le Temps writes: “Opponents of Doctor Tedros denounce privileged relations with China, which would influence its management of the coronavirus health crisis.”

When Tedros was Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 2012 to 2016, China signed gigantic contracts with Ethiopia, making it a gateway to Beijing’s plan to colonize the African economy. Tedros participated in, facilitated and signed these negotiations. So he became a very loyal ally of the Chinese Communist Party. Not content with being a tyrant on his soil, he thus put himself at the service of the largest dictatorship in the world: the imperialist totalitarianism of Xi Jinping.

In addition, when he was Ethiopian Minister of Health, he is suspected of having concealed, for purely political reasons, three cholera epidemics in Ethiopia: in 2006, 2009 and 2011. Lying on the health of people to the point of causing countless dead don’t seem to bother him at all.

Several famous American politicians, like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Bolton, have asked for his resignation from his post at the WHO. A petition signed by a million people demanded his dismissal. According to French researcher Valérie Niquet, during the reign of Tedros, “WHO followed all Chinese statements step by step, repeating them like a parrot. WHO did not play its part, and that is exactly what Beijing wanted. Likewise, it refused to give Taiwan an observer seat, which was a requirement of the Chinese leadership. ”

Wikipedia specifies: “Elected director of the WHO thanks to the support of China, he resumed his elements of language, congratulated Beijing for its transparency while at the same time China was hiding information and was pressuring not to declare international emergency, and criticized the United States for closing its borders to travelers from China. ”

Tedros is also the inventor of the thesis that “borders do not stop Covid-19”, which was dear to Emmanuel Macron and Olivier Véran for a long time, and which has favored the spread of the virus on five continents. When we see that France supports the WHO, we are then in dr

Or ask the question: what links does the Elysee really have with Xi Jinping?

This is how a totalitarian monster became the benchmark for world medicine, and plunged most of the nations of the earth into hyper-authoritarian, bureaucratic, blind confinement, which we now know to be counterproductive, made thousands of deaths in France and sabotaged the western economy.

Meanwhile, your taxes continue to fund the WHO and Tedros’ staggering salary, exempt from taxes and all charges paid.

Sources: Le Temps, Fox News, Wikipedia.

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