New York quarantines visitors from 16 other states

NEW YORK | New York State is now quarantining visitors to 16 states in the United States where the pandemic is progressing, more than double the number of states from last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday.

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“We now have 16 states that meet the quarantine criteria (…), 16 states are now subject to quarantine in New York,” said the governor.

Andrew Cuomo announced last week a first list of eight quarantined southern and western states, including Florida and Texas.

The new list also includes California, the most populous state in the country. The 16 states concerned represent a total population equivalent to almost half of the American population.

This extension confirms the fear of New York (State which was for weeks during the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States and has recorded more than 31,000 deaths from coronavirus according to Johns Hopkins University) to see the epidemic now in net ebb come back like a boomerang.

“We are trying to keep the infection away from New York,” said the governor. After a first wave of contamination brought to the economic capital of the United States by European visitors, “we fear that (visitors from other infected states) will come to New York and cause the same problem,” he said.

The 16 states whose visitors are expected to quarantine themselves upon arrival in New York State are Alabama, Arkansas, South and North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi , Tennessee and Texas in the south of the country, and California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Idaho in the West, plus Iowa in the Midwest.

Visitors to these states will also be quarantined in neighboring Connecticut and New Jersey, whose governors said last week that they would adopt the same measures as New York.

It remains to be seen how such a measure can be applied, since there is no border control between states.

Cuomo said last week that anyone not in quarantine could be fined $ 1,000.

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