30 years of camouflage and lies about vaccines have just come to light

British documents reveal 30 years of cover-up

The Freedom of Information Act in the UK, used by a doctor, has revealed the content of 30 years of secret official documents showing that government experts:

1. knew that the vaccines were not working
2. knew that vaccines could cause the diseases they were supposed to prevent.
3. knew that vaccines were dangerous for children
4. have agreed to lie to the public
5. set out to prevent security studies.

These same vaccines are made mandatory for American children.

Parents can either spare their children all that trouble, or continue to bow to one of the most horrific lies in history, a lie that pretends that vaccines – filled with heavy metals, viral diseases, mycoplasma, feces, fragments of DNA from other species, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 (sterilizing agent) – are a miracle of modern medicine.

An American doctor whose son is autistic used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain documents from the CDC (American Centers for Disease Control). He wanted access to information the CDC had about the dangers of vaccinations. By law, he had to receive a response within 20 days. Almost 7 years later, the doctor finally went to court, and it was there that the CDC argued that it was not obliged to hand over these documents. Finally, a judge ordered the CDC to give these documents to the doctor by September 30, 2011.

The Denver Post columnist on October 26, 2011 said he was shocked that the Obama administration, after promising to be particularly transparent, was proposing changes to the Freedom of Information Act, which would prevent the disclosure of documents secrets by authorizing government agencies (such as the CDC) to declare certain documents “non-existent”. […]

The CDC is clearly acting against the health of the American population. But the threat that the CDC’s behavior poses to the lives of Americans unfortunately does not end there. He participated in the development of laws concerning pandemics which allow the government to use the army, in the event of a declared pandemic emergency, to force all the people of the country to undergo untested vaccines, drugs, products chemicals and other “medical” treatments.

Based on the Freedom of Information Act, it can be said that the CDC would lose all credibility if it were to declare such a pandemic emergency. After declaring the H1N1 pandemic in 2009, the CDC refused to respond to CBS’s request for information, which referred to the Freedom of Information Act. At that time, the CDC attempted to block their entire investigation. What the CDC wanted to hide was its own role in one of the biggest medical scandals in history, referring to wildly exaggerated data on H1N1 flu cases in order to create a false impression of ” pandemic “in the United States.

The CDC also concealed a financial scandal over the false pandemic that cost billions of dollars. Worse still, the CDC did not hesitate to put pregnant women on the front line for an untested vaccine that included a sterilizing agent, polysorbate 80. Thanks to the CDC, the number of reports of fetal deaths increased by 2,440 % in 2009 compared to previous years; which is even more shocking than the statistics of miscarriages which had increased by 700%. […]

By trying to save the last vestiges of vaccine secrecy and declaring that agency documents are non-existent, the Obama administration has dashed all claims to transparency. But the laws planned to make little known pandemic vaccines mandatory are still in place and all responsibility has been dissolved. However, a Canadian study has just shown that the H1N1 flu vaccine that killed babies in utero actually increases the risk of a pandemic.

Americans who have been duped into subjecting their children to the deadly CDC vaccines now have the means to respond. People from all walks of life, from each organization must:

1. Take note of the texts revealed thanks to the Freedom of Information Act of the United Kingdom and which relate to lies about vaccines. These people should be made aware of the CDC’s refusal to provide any information on what they know about these lies; they should also be aware of the Obama administration’s efforts to cover up what the CDC knows about these lies. These people should contact their representatives and demand the immediate cancellation of the CDC’s immunization schedule and pandemic laws.

2. Inform each veterinarian, military personnel, police, DHS agents, as well as medical personnel of all vaccine hoaxes. Explain to these people that their families are also seriously threatened. These people probably could not have known that they had been manipulated inside their structures by the pharmaceutical industry which transformed them into murderous agents thanks to the declaration of “pandemic” or “bioterrorist attack”. It is quite clear today that terrorist / bioterrorist structures are just scams. Thus all the plans which are envisaged to “protect” the country on the basis of these same laws would only threaten the existence and the freedom of the Americans.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), we know that the vaccination schedule is a hoax. It is the vaccines that constitute a danger to the health of American children and adults.

These are now poorly tested mandatory vaccines with dangerous adjuvants that threaten the country and could cause death. Outside of Atlanta, the CDC has stored some 500,000 giant coffins, built to be cremated. It is beginning to become clear that the CDC should in no way be involved in any way with public health issues.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, we now know that

vaccines do not constitute

the miracle of modern medicine that we were led to believe.

Any medical or government authority

who claims that vaccines prevent disease,

ignores government documents like countless studies

which reveal the exact opposite,

but also ignores

CDC’s attempts to hide the truth about vaccines from the public.

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