What is Wireguard, the lord of VPN?

The same protocol is often housed under the hood of VPN solutions. This is OpenVPN. A (almost) newcomer may well replace it advantageously. It’s Wireguard. Adapted by NordVPN, it is much faster and more secure than its competitor.

Futura often talks about VPN solutions and it must be said that there are many players on the market. VPNs have become almost essential tools and they were widely adopted by the population during the confinement period to secure the exchange of data from teleworking in companies. The data is encrypted in a tunnel that connects the client and the server. Behind each VPN solution, the encrypted tunnel is based on a handful of protocols. The most used are called IPsec and OpenVPN. Today, it is still the latter that is mainly used by publishers of VPN solutions.

But, for two years now, a new protocol has emerged and it could well dislodge the two tenors of VPN servers. His name is Wireguard and was created by Jason Donenfeld who is both a jazz guitarist and a safety researcher. Its goal was to create a less complex protocol than OpenVPN. For him, this complexity could be the subject of major security breaches. In addition, with OpenVPN, the connection is quite long and the stability random when there are several simultaneous connections.

WireGuard, the future of VPN

For his part, with WireGuard, Jason Donenfeld created a very short code with only 4,000 lines against 600,000 for OpenVPN. For him, this simplicity is a guarantee of security. And it is this simplicity that effectively makes WireGuard a protocol that will certainly dethrone OpenVPN in the future. Besides, the protocol was dubbed by Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux. He implanted it in the core of the operating system earlier this year.

In the meantime, to benefit from this enhanced security, there are few VPN solutions that exploit Wireguard. However, this is the case for NordVPN which includes a Wireguard derivative called Nord Lynx. The publisher had to strengthen security and in particular confidentiality, which is still a weakness of Wireguard because the protocol is still in the development phase.

In the end, with Nord Lynx, the connection time is shorter and downloads three times faster than with other solutions according to NordVPN. A trend that positive user feedback confirms. To test this new protocol, it is necessary to opt for a subscription to NordVPN. The latter is currently priced at 3.11 euros per month by opting for a three-year commitment formula.

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