Introducing Crypto 2.0 Digi Gram

       Money rules the world, as they say: Who controls the money controls the world. It is not mandatory to be a slave of this commodity. Traditionally, people use to trade things between them. Exchange goods and services without money.

In 2009 an unknown man created Bitcoin. It was a nice student project with all kinds of experiments attached to it. Blockchain is an idea, mining is a patch derived from it. Unfortunately, most people think that blockchain and mining are the only model.

Actual crypto currencies are amazingly complicated and unavailable to the common Joe. You need knowledge and equipment and most of the time, the only way to grab some is to buy some.

Cryptos are they are today tend to be the dinosaurus of the future. The Digi Gram project offers what we like to see as the crypto 2.0 solution adaptative and evolutive. We want to bring cryptos to eveyone without money. To get Digi Gram, one can buy them of course but he may also earn them by a very simple work, referring friends, (mining people).

The Digi Gram project is presented by a team of volunteer around the world, software engineers, economists and webmasters, designers and students who have worked hard for some times to compile and understand other crypto currencies, restructured their weaknesses and optimized their strength. Some thinkers have been working for years with banks to create encryption systems that are still use today and uses remote offline data archiving for absolute security. The final touch is the very simple fast, secure feeless tracsaction wallet application.

Digi Gram is what is now known as a decentralized cryptocurrency. No bank, no corporate control, but very strict rules. Digi Gram uses artificial intelligence to create new rules as it evolves. It has been designed as simple as possible for it to survive as it reproduces through its unique network of servers. Don’t worry, humans are not far behind and a wide system of surveillance is beeing spreaded. This new technology is called SMN (Star Mesh Network). The Digi Gram network is very similar to the traditional blockchain, except that instead of downloading the entire general ledger to your own device, it is stored on multiple high speed servers around the world and you download only YOUR personal book. General ledgers are duplicated and verified constatntly. This process is completely transparent and invisible to users, performed in the background.

Before going any further, here is an explanation on Star Mesh Network. Consider this picture:

When you install the Digi Gram wallet, the software is delivered with all the domain names of all the servers available on the mesh with their relationships with each other (very small packet of information). Here, each server is represented by an octagonal star and a letter. Now suppose you have downloaded your wallet from the M server in the middle. Once you have created your account or made a transaction, your wallet will ping 10 of the other servers at random. The 5 fastest of them will be marked as your entry point on the mesh. If you send Digi Gram to a peer, your wallet will ask these 5 servers about your available balance in Digi Grams. Do you have enough funds to continue? If all positively answers with the same, the transaction is processed immediately and you and your peers are updated. THEN comes the magic of the mesh. No extraction or mining is necessary to find a block and so. The 5 servers receiving the data will then broadcast information on the transaction to their immediate neighbor on the mesh. Thus, server M will send to G, H, I, L, N, Q, R and S and G will send to A, B, C, F and K the other servers in its immediate environment being already updated, therefore, I (letter i) would update D, E, J and O … … and so on. This is done at the speed of light and in real time. As explained below, a bad server will be updated or removed from the system forever.

There is much more to be said about the Star Mesh network algorithm but for now, the actual should be enough to understand. The most important for you is the use of the Digi Gram wallet.

Digi Gram is completely anonymous, just like pure money in your pocket. You will never have to provide confidential information to buy goods or services or to trade Digi Gram itself. You can buy goods or services at any cyber or real store that accepts Digi Gram, using this logo:


Digi Grams


Of course for security purpose, you will have to give a minimum of information that are deeply encrypted and saved on all servers.

Digi Gram is a feeless transaction service and the value is the base price or gold. You can trade Digi Gram, ask to buy at a certain price or offer to sell at another. Digi Gram is open to speculation, but always refers to its corresponding value, the price per gram of gold.

Digi Gram is an absolute genius in the way it stores data. The Star Mesh network is the most recent in this field and is a lot more efficient then the traditional blockchain which takes forever to download or is managed by companies charging costs for their use. SMN servers are added periodically and are constantly checked by other servers for integrity. A server caught with an irregularity will be updated and possibly blacklisted and removed from the network forever. Servers are used to verify the accuracy of account balances and to validate all transactions. This gives Digi Gram light execution speed and security. No general ledger on all devices but only on the mesh network. Data from Digi Gram accounts is uniquely encrypted on these servers with a different algorithm for each account. This process is 100% invisible to users and is designed to work safely and autonomously forever.

All you need to get started is to download your Digi Gram wallet and run it to open an account now for free.

Digi Gram can be used on any device such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and many others, all you need is an internet connection and a Digi Gram wallet, a small piece of software for network communication. The Digi Gram system has been designed to be compatible with all existing and future devices. Based on encrypted text files, the Digi Gram system will still work, even in 200 years. There is no dependant and fragile database.

You can earn or buy Digi coins in different ways. Digi Gram is mainly produced by users who invites friends to join the network and webmasters who host encrypted data on their servers. You can also buy on the Digi Gram markets at the recognized value, at the daily gold price or at the asking price of the sellers.

Digi Gram bypasses traditional banking systems using peer-to-peer technology, no intermediaries, no main websites, no third parties of any kind. Anyone can create an account, only one per device. Having Digi Gram is like having grams of gold in your pocket … Only the balance of your account, or how much you have left in your wallet is recorded and deeply encrypted on the server network (SMN) with your account number, email address, password and PIN number. Historical transaction data only appears on your device, but can optionally be reconstructed from the general ledger.

The webmasters hosting the data can be blacklisted immediately and removed from the network for any irregularities. The servers on the network constantly scan other servers for this integrity. Security protocoles and procedures may block a server in a matter of seconds.

Digi Gram does not need your identity and all transactions can be done anonymously, just like using cash. In fact, when you buy Digi Gram, you are most likely using money on which you have already paid your dues to your country, so you are free to use your money as you wish.

Owning Digi Gram is like having gold in your pocket. It is a peer to peer system and does not concern anyone other than you and your peer. Banks circulate numbers on computers by creating numbers. In fact, about 80% of all the money traded in the world does not exist at all. We all use plastic cards. The government is doing the same. Even a large company offers bonus points on plastic cards … isn’t that some kind of crypto money?

Digi Grams can only be purchased by people who own them, regular users or webmasters hosting the data, or private owners. This is why it is so important to have Digi Gram marketplaces like To buy or sell Digi Grams, you have to put people in contact so that they can make arrangements for a transaction. If the website ever disappears from the Internet for any reason, look for another Digi Gram Market or . There will be many in the future and their numbers are expected to increase.

We are here to help the cause of anonymous sale and purchase internationally between people and bring financial autonomy to people. We also believe that managing the economy is not just about the banks. Alternative economy using crypto currencies will become increasingly popular. The Digi Gram system has been design to be accessible to everyone for free. Using Digi Gram is like trading carrots for potatoes. The good old way. 🙂 Digi Grams are your own private business. You decide what you do with your Digi Grams. Digi Gram is expected to become very popular in third world countries where it is diffcult to obtain bank accounts. It’s also a great way to bring that purchasing power to those who don’t have it. That is the philanthropic side of the project.

This does not mean that Digi Gram will cease all money laundering activity. There is a system that ring bells and could block certain transactions that are too large to be true. The anti-cheat system is in place and working. Who receives these alarms? Other servers on the network that have the power to analyze the data and take action. Once again thanks to artificial intelligence, Digi Gram is ahead of time.

Digi Grams are also earned by webmasters by hosting parts of the SMN (Star Mesh Network) on secure servers and by storing and distributing information. Webmasters earn Digi Grams for each account created on their server and from new transactions. Commissions to webmasters are automatically reflected in their corresponding Digi Gram account. Webmasters can sell their Digi Grams on their own website, through the Digi Gram Markets network, forums or anywhere that suits their needs. To find out how to become a Digi Gram webmaster, click here .

You can also, as a user, create new Digi Grams by inviting people to enter the network. It is the main source of creation. In fact, you cannot become a member of the network without being invited. Digi Grams will be created each time there is a new member and a new Digi Gram will be given to 5 previous members on 5 depth levels. Someone should refer you and Digi Gram are created as follows:


0.100 DC
0.050 DC
0.025 DC
0.010 DC
0.005 DC

According to this table, if all the members invite 10 people each, you get 631 Digi Gram which have a value of 31,500 euros at the time of printing of this text in May 2020 when the gram of gold was worth 50 euros. With 20 friends each, you get 17 821 Digi Gram, or around 891,000 euros. If the price of gold doubles, which will happen, you earn almost 2 millions. It is really worth spreading the word and encouraging your friends to follow in your footsteps. In fact, it could become someone’s main job and retirement comfort.

The last method to get Digi Grams is to buy them by donating to our non-profit organization. The money will then be distributed to the operators or owners of the server who, as a payout, will keep the network in good standing and evolving. If you want to buy them, see the Buy link at the top of every web page on the site.

Online software, called the wallet, is available to create your account. Please note that only guarantees the authenticity of the original wallet software and the security of your connection. As all the servers on the network are constantly analyzed for their integrity, you can also count on them to log into your account. Make sure your antivirus doesn’t detect the keylogger or viruses of any kind before you install the wallet.

The first time you open the software, it will check if your device can connect to the network. You can only have one account per device. If no account is detected on your device, the Digi Gram wallet software will ask you if you want to create an account or connect to an existing account. Creating an account is very simple and straight forward and will generate a unique account number that you can keep in a safe place for future use. The account number as well as your email address, password and PIN are very important. If you lose your wallet, don’t panic, your data is stored on different servers on the network and is recoverable. But if you lose your account number, email, password or PIN, it’s like losing your leather wallet or gold nuggets… You may never get it back. The money will disappear in limbos forever. So keep your information in a very safe place. Once an account is activated, it stays alive forever.

A standard transaction takes approximately 1 to 5 seconds depending on the speed of Internet in your area and the speed of the servers. The Digi Gram Wallet software is very intelligent and pre-fetches certain information to speed up the process. If the transaction cannot happen for any reason, it is simply canceled and you will have to try again later. For the rest, the software speaks for itself. We think the best way to know Digi Gram now is to use it.





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