How much is your data worth on the dark web?

The PrivacyAffairs site, specializing in cybersecurity, has just published its Dark Web Price Index 2020 study. It reveals the prices displayed on the dark web for buying bank cards, passports, identity cards and a lot of personal data.

The “dark web” is the hidden side of the Internet, where everything is sold, including your personal data. Researchers on the PrivacyAffairs site wanted to know whether it was difficult to obtain this information, and at what cost. They therefore conducted a survey on the dark web and published the average prices of the various services offered.

Sellers offer different categories of data, starting with bank card numbers along with the name, address, email and phone number of the owners. These cost on average 12 to 20 US dollars, depending on the amount of money on the account. The identifiers to access the bank account are displayed from 35 dollars.

Reselling data is a lucrative business
The dark web also allows you to buy everything you need for identity theft. Count only 70 dollars for a US driver’s license, or 550 dollars for a European identity card. For a passport from Europe, Canada or the United States, it will cost $ 1,500 on average. The researchers also published prices for social media accounts. A hacked account on Instagram or Twitter is around 50 dollars, an amount that rises to almost 75 dollars for a Facebook account, and more than 155 dollars for a Gmail account.

Researchers have also identified sales of malware, or rather infections that can be used again to steal personal information. Prices start at $ 70 per thousand infections worldwide, but climb to $ 2,300 per thousand “high quality” infections in Europe. These figures show that personal data represents a lucrative market. It is important to think about protecting yourself online, in particular by installing an antivirus and by avoiding using the same password on different sites.

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