Google Drive: how to save and synchronize all your PC and Mac documents?

The Google Drive online storage and document sharing service now has an application that can manage the backup and automatic synchronization of local folders on the hard drives of a Windows PC or Mac. Here is our user manual to install and use this tool.

Like other cloud storage and data sharing services like OneDrive (Microsoft) or Dropbox, Google Drive already offered a file synchronization system. It was based on a Drive folder in which you could drop the files / folders that you wanted to save online to access them from any connected terminal.

Google has perfected its system and has just launched a new version called “Backup and synchronization” which therefore offers automated backup and synchronization of local folders present on Windows PCs, Macs but also SD memory cards and USB devices. The main new feature is the possibility to choose the folders that you want to synchronize without having to change their original location to place them in a common folder. It is much more practical and simple.

Download and install Google Backup and Sync
To use this feature, you need a Google account and online storage space on Google Drive which, in its free version, is up to 15 GB. Note that this manual was produced on Windows 10 computer. The procedure under macOS is generally identical, except the nomenclatures specific to the Apple OS for the names of certain menus.

To download the Backup & Sync app, go to the Google Drive or Google Photos page. Once the file has been downloaded to the hard drive of your Windows or macOS computer, open it to start the installation.

Click the Start button in the application window which then prompts you to enter your Google account credentials.

Select the folders to back up on Google Drive

The next step is to choose the specific folders you want to back up and automatically sync to Google Drive.

In the window that opens called My Computer, you will see that by default Google Drive offers to synchronize the Documents, Images and Computer folders (for the Windows version). If you want to save all of the data in these folders, leave the setting as is. Otherwise, uncheck these options and choose manual selection.

To do this, click on Select folder. You can then browse your computer’s hard drive, the contents of an SD memory card or a connected USB device to choose the folder of your choice. Repeat the maneuver for each folder you wish to add. Note that the Backup and Sync application allows you to select only folders and not individual files. Then click on the Next button.
In the next window, you are offered to synchronize the content already present on Google Drive on the computer. Otherwise, you can uncheck this option. Then click the Start button to start the synchronization process.

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