Facebook becomes owner of Ready At Dawn video game studio

Fishing was good today for Facebook’s Oculus Studios. The Ready At Dawn studio, known for games like “The Order: 1886” or “Lone Echo”, will now develop games directly for the brand’s virtual reality devices.

The virtual reality game “Lone Echo” (Credits: Ready At Dawn).

Mark Zuckerberg’s business has not given up on the idea of ​​investing in virtual reality. After the Beat Games and Sanzuru Games studios, Facebook today announced the acquisition of a bigger fish: Ready At Dawn. “The future of revolutionary content in virtual reality has never been so bright,” said Mike Verdu, vice president of the Oculus group, a Facebook subsidiary, in a press release taken up by Games Industry. “Together, we will continue to build a future rich, immersive and original VR video game ”, bounces the American studio on Twitter (below). As of today, all of the developers at Ready At Dawn will be integrated into the various teams at Oculus Studios, mobilized for the sole purpose of designing games for the brand’s VR headsets. The terms of the buyout have, as often, not been disclosed.

As a reminder, Ready At Dawn was originally founded by former developers from Naughty Dog (The Last of Us) and Blizzard Entertainment (Destiny 2) studios. He first became known for porting several God of War games to PSP and then Okami to Wii. He was then noticed on PlayStation 4 with the magnificent but linear The Order: 1886. Ready At Dawn was finally oriented towards a specialization in virtual reality with the critical success Lone Echo on Oculus Rift. A second opus is also still in development, which will therefore continue directly within the Oculus Studios. Its release is planned, a priori, this year.

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