Citroën unveiled a new concept car inspired by aeronautics.

We do not really talk about a car but a transport capsule whose cabin is thought of as a real living room.

After presenting its reinterpretation of the 2 CV with the Ami One Concept, Citroën still surprises us with a new concept car, the 19_19, in reference to the centenary of the brand born in 1919. If the Friend One illustrates the vision of the urban mobility of the manufacturer, the Citroën 19_19 tells us about the autonomous car of the future on which we will make long journeys in a comfort and a well-being that we are promised exceptional.

The chevron brand explains its inspiration from the aerospace industry for the design of the bodywork and interior furniture for the interior, in order to offer “a vision of mobility which is deliberately unconventional, prospective and free from any constraint. ”

The goal is unquestionably achieved with this concept car that is unlike any other and, let’s say it, not enough to an automobile according to the current canons. But this is not a reproach. Citroën takes us to a future where the idea of ​​what a car represents, the social projection that it embodies, will no longer be the alpha and omega of its design.

The autonomous car, the one that we will no longer need to drive, or even to own, will be above all a space to live in which the time spent will have nothing in common with today. The car will become a place of relaxation, recreation, sharing where one feels like in his living room or in his bedroom, depending on the moment.

**800 km of autonomy**

The 19_19 is a high-tech car and it has to be seen at first glance. The double hood is also a fin that incorporates the light signature. At the rear, the bow that encloses the airflow is inspired by the rudder of an airplane. The two growths on the roof are Lidar (light detection and ranging) which are used for 3D mapping of the environment for autonomous navigation.

Citroën explains wanting to highlight the technological elements rather than trying to integrate them as discreetly as possible. Message well received. The cabin materializes, too, another bias: recreate the atmosphere of a lounge with disparate seats that offer different positions inspired by the sofa, armchair, ottoman or chaise longue. “All passengers now have a special place,” says Citroën.

Under the dashboard, the glass part inspired by the bubble of a helicopter, offers a bird’s-eye view of the passing road. But this totally unobstructed area can also turn into a projection screen to watch a movie. The absence of a central footwell and the antagonistic opening of the doors give the whole feeling of space and volume.

The interior of the Citroën 19_19 has been designed as a lounge, with totally different elements depending on the position you want to adopt during a trip. © Citroën
The interior of the Citroën 19_19 has been designed as a lounge, with totally different elements depending on the position you want to adopt during a trip. © Citroën

Designed for long journeys, the 19_19 is equipped with controlled suspensions with progressive hydraulic stops developed by Citroën who suspend the cabin like a “flying carpet” to isolate the passengers from the vibrations and give them the impression to “fly over the road”. The tires, developed by Goodyear, are oversized (30 inches) but thin enough (255/30 R30), to reduce noise and rolling resistance. An idea that Dyson is also exploring with his electric car project.

On the propulsion side, the Citroën 19_19 is equipped with an all-wheel drive driven by two electric motors developing a power of 340 kW and a torque of 800 Nm. The announced range is 800 kilometers (WLTP cycle) and the rapid charging system can restore 600 km of autonomy in 20 minutes. The Citroën 19_19 will be on display at Vivatech this week in Paris.

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